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  • Heat Stress Video

    Heat Stress Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Heat stress is not only an important topic for OSHA training, but it’s also an important concept to teach your employees to keep them safe on the job. This heat stress training video will teach your employees how to identify heat-related illness before it happens and what to do in case they overheat. What is…

  • Indoor Air Quality Training

    Indoor Air Quality Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    How clean is the air your employees are breathing? This Indoor Air Quality training video can help educate you and your staff on air contaminants. While you may think your air quality is good there are sometimes contaminates you can’t smell or see. Examples are dust, mites, smoke, natural gases, and other pollutants which can…

  • Lead Exposure in the Workplace Training

    Lead Awareness Training – [Complete Video Package]


    This Lead Awareness Training will help your employees understand how to deal with lead exposure in the workplace. The dangers of working around lead-containing products and materials are well-known and documented. This OSHA Lead Standard Training is designed to offer employees the training to handle these materials safely and operate in areas that might contain lead. Lead…

  • Preventing Fatigue in the Workplace Training

    Preventing Fatigue in the Workplace Training – [Full Video Kit]


    In order for your employees to do their best and most productive work, they must come to work rested. This Fatigue Prevention Training helps employees understand how to prevent fatigue before they get to work so they are ready to go while they are at work. Training on preventing fatigue helps your employees be more…

  • Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations

    Safety Showers and Eye Wash Stations – [Complete Video Kit]


    Even the most diligent employees can sometimes have an accident on the job. When these occurrences involve hazardous chemicals, safety showers, and eyewash stations can mean the difference between a minor mishap and serious injury. This Safety Showers and Eye Wash Station Training Kit will teach your workers how to use safety showers properly, as…

  • Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities

    Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Facilities


    Need a training video for your healthcare workers on OSHA bloodborne pathogens? If so – this video is for you! Bloodborne pathogens are a leading risk factor in many workplace settings. However, front-line health care personnel stand the highest risk of exposure. As a result of this widespread risk, OSHA requirements governing bloodborne pathogen training…

  • Hazard Communication Training for General Industry

    Hazard Communication Training – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    This Hazard Communication training video will help educate your workers on the hazards in their work areas, AND keep your compliant with the OSHA Standard. This “Right to Know” or HAZCOM training will teach your workers all about chemical hazards, Safety Data Sheets, as well as the importance of each facility’s written Hazard Communication program….

  • Kitchen Safety Orientation

    Kitchen Safety Orientation – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    A restaurant kitchen is a busy place – there is a lot of movement, knives, flames, and more.  All of that action creates an environment ripe for employee injuries.  That’s why this Kitchen Safety Orientation video is so important.  It covers all of your kitchen staff and teaches them the safety concepts they need to…

  • Hazard Communication Training for Healthcare Employees

    Healthcare HAZCOM Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your healthcare workers need HAZCOM training and this training video fits that need.  Per OSHA, your healthcare staff is required to undergo hazard communication training to inform them about the chemicals they have in the workplace. This is also called the “Right to Know” regulation. This Healthcare Staff HAZCOM Training Covers: Like all workers, healthcare…

  • Hazard Communication Training for Cleaners and Maintenance Workers

    Janitorial Hazard Communication Training – [Complete Kit]


    If you employ janitors or cleaners in your Company, it is required that you provide them with Hazard Communication Training.  Teaching your workers all about the chemicals they work with is a big part of OSHA’s “Right to Know” mandate.  This Janitor and Cleaning Staff Hazard Communication Training will put you and your employees on…

  • Lockout Tagout Training Video

    Lockout Tagout Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you need a lockout tagout safety video that is OSHA compliant on lockout tagout procedures, then this video is for you! Proper lockout and tagout processes and procedures are necessary for workplace safety. This is especially true for manufacturing or industrial settings where heavy machinery is a part of everyday life. This Lockout Tagout…

  • Hazard Communication for Hospitality Employees

    Hospitality Hazard Communication Training – [Complete Kit]


    OSHA requires that your hospitality employees receive training on Hazard Communication.  This regulation, also known as “Right to Know,” is an important part of any hospitality training program.  This Hazard Communication Training for Hospitality Workers will give your employees the knowledge they need to deal with chemicals in the workplace. This training will also help…

  • Slips Trips and Falls Training Video

    Slips Trips and Falls Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Did you know that slip and fall accidents are one of the most common workplace injuries? In fact, 17% of disabling workplace injuries are because of a slip and fall accident. That’s why this training program is so important since most slips, trips and falls can be prevented. This slip, trip and fall training video…

  • Ladder Safety Training Video

    Ladder Safety Training – [Complete Video Training Package]


    This ladder safety video will help make sure your employees who use ladders do so properly and safely. Every year many employees are injured while using ladders. Whether they are using the ladder improperly, accidentally falling from the ladder, or using the wrong kind of ladder for the job, training employees is the first step…

  • Materials Handling Safety Training

    Material Handling Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Most workers don’t give materials handling much thought, but the mishandling of materials leads to tens of thousands of injuries each year. This Materials Handling Safety Video is designed to teach your worker how to avoid injuries while on the job. Viewers of this training will learn how to handle a range of materials, using…

  • Arc Flash Safety Training Video

    Arc Flash Training – [Complete Safety Video Package]


    This arc flash training video will help keep your employees who work around electricity safe on the job. Arc hazards present a real and potentially fatal threat to employees working around electricity, which is why this arc flash training course is so important. Arc flash danger has led to the development of the National Fire…

  • Hazardous Materials Labels Training Video

    Hazardous Materials Labels Training Video


    Handling hazardous materials is dangerous work and without proper labeling that danger is compounded. There are a variety of labeling methods used to ensure that employees know what chemicals they are handling. Proper labeling becomes all the more an important when it comes to transporting, using, or storing any hazardous chemical. This Hazardous Materials Labels…

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Training for Managers and Supervisors

    OSHA Recordkeeping Training for Managers


    If you are manager or supervisor, keeping proper records of accidents and other events happening within your organization is just part of the job. That includes your OSHA logs and other records. This OSHA recordkeeping Training Kit for Managers is designed to help you stay within OSHA regulation (29 CFR Part 1904), so your company…

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