Lockout Tagout Training

Need lock out tag out training videos for your employees? Of course you do! The videos in this series teach to the concepts found in OSHA Standard, Title 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1910.147. Lockout tagout procedures are also known as the control of hazardous energy. The OSHA guidelines on this require training for both “affected” and “authorized” employees. OSHA defines affected employees as those who operates a machine but is not authorized to lock it out. The definition for authorized employees are those who are responsible for the shutdown, lockout tagout procedures, and repair of the machine. Our training programs help you train your employees of both classes on the proper lockout tagout procedures, safety fundamentals, and helps you maintain OSHA compliance with your lockout tagout program. The lockout tagout training videos found here can help you implement your energy control program and keep employees from injuring themselves due to faulty lockout tagout procedures.

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  • Lockout Tagout Training Video

    Lockout Tagout Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you need a lockout tagout safety video that is OSHA compliant on lockout tagout procedures, then this video is for you! Proper lockout and tagout processes and procedures are necessary for workplace safety. This is especially true for manufacturing or industrial settings where heavy machinery is a part of everyday life. This Lockout Tagout…

  • Gory Version Lockout Tagout Training

    Gory Version Lockout Tagout Training


    If you need an eye-catching and “shock value” lockout tagout training video for your employees then this is the one for you! Do your employees know what can happen when proper lockout tagout proceedures are not followed to the letter? Or, do you often find that your employees cut corners? This Gory Lockout Tagout Training…

  • Lockout Tagout Powerpoint Presentation

    Lockout Tagout Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Proper lockout tagout procedures play a vital role in any organization where machinery and other equipment are used, but it can be dangerous when not done correctly. This Lockout Tagout PowerPoint is created to provide employees with an in depth look at how to safely perform lockout tagout procedures. You’ll find 43 jam packed slides…


    Vehicle Lockout Tagout Procedures


    Keeping trucks and other heavy machinery in good working order is a necessary part of any transportation related job. Servicing cars, trucks or heavy machinery can be dangerous work and proper lockout tagout procedures are mandatory to help prevent injuries. This Vehicle Lockout Tagout Training Video will show workers how to handle hazardous fuel and…

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