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Reduce Employee On the Injuries and Accidents Help Maintain OSHA Compliance Through Employee Safety Training

We offer the most professional safety training videos and DVD's to help employers reduce their on the job accidents and injuries. Our group of safety professionals has produced OSHA compliant videos for many different types of employers in a host of different industries. We offer training on forklifts, farm equipment, laboratories, and construction, among many others. Fact is, we have a safety training video that will meet your needs, educate your employees, and keep them safe at work. SafetyVideos.com stands behind all our products and we are quite simply the best provider of safety training videos there is. We have the largest selection of employee training videos, we ship them fast, and our customer service is simply unbeatable.

Our products are meant to train your employees on how to safely perform the work they need to do, in a safe and productive manner. Want to make sure that they are learning the safety protocol that you are teaching? Each of our training videos includes an employee quiz and answer sheet so you can be sure they learned the information they were taught. We also include a certificate of completion for each course so your workers walk away from their safety training session with a sense of accomplishment. Training, OSHA compliance, and accident prevention….our products are ready to serve YOUR needs.

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Employee Safety Orientation Video H2S HYDROGEN SULFIDE TRAINING
Safety Orientation Training Video and DVD Hydrogen sulfide training video and DVD
Keep your employees safe while they work with this Employee Safety Orientation Video. This training video covers all the basics of working safely and effectively to get your new workers off on the right foot. If your goal is to reduce injuries from the moment you do safety training then this video is a great tool for reducing employee injuries. The video is also a great refresher course for existing employees, and it lets your personnel know that you value a safe and secure working environment. Combine with other training materials to give your workers the best advantage in avoiding workplace injuries. This video is available in English and Spanish language options. This training product is 15 minutes long and a full-length preview can be viewed below.

If your employees need safety training on hydrogen sulfide or H2S then this video course is for you! If you work around hydrogen sulfide, then you know the risks involved with this deadly gas. Help your employees reduce the risk of damage to themselves, equipment, and others, with this Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Training Video. Awareness is one of the most important elements of dealing with H2S and this course will help keep trainees safe, full of awareness, and quite likely alive. This training course is the perfect solution and meets the academic training requirements employees need to learn how to work with this potentially hazardous gas. Also known as H2S, hydrogen sulfide is highly flammable and toxic, so its proper use requires a very specific set of skills. This video will teach workers how to handle it safely, cleanup techniques, labeling, as well as how to offset risks and how to handle potentially dangerous situations when they do occur. It’s ideal for training new employees who need to learn the ropes of H2S risks and handling, but it also makes a great refresher course for those who might need a little reminder or annual training. Given OSHA and their focus on training for this deadly gas, you will definitely want to make sure you provide the necessary course for educating your employees on hydrogen sulfide. You’ll find this video on both DVD and VHS, and it comes in English and Spanish language options.

Active Shooter Training Video FORKLIFT OPERATOR TRAINING
Still shot from our active shooter training video that teaches employees how to remain safe during an active shooter situation Forklift Safety Training Video
The goal of this active shooter training is to teach you and your employees what to do in case of an active shooter situation. How do you survive? What actions should you take to protect yourself and others? What are the "do's" and "dont's" of during this type of crisis? The training video teaches viewers about "situational awareness" in the workplace and how to better be aware of your environment, what is happening around you, and the ability to look for things that just seem out of place or that could be dangerous.

Most active shooter situations will be over in a matter of minutes. That fact limits the availability of law enforcement to help you through an active shooter crisis. Unfortunately, the first sign of an active shooter being present is gunfire. Would you or your co-workers be able to recognize the sound of gunfire? It sometimes can be hard to recognize and this active shooter training video will help you differentiate between gunfire and other common sounds in the workplace.

This active shooter training DVD teaches you and your employees to run, hide or fight - in that order. The training discusses the fact that you must act quickly during an active shooter situation and that "freezing up" can get you killed. Further, the importance of learning to take cover during gunshots, learning to exit away from the shooter, and to zig-zag or crouch while running as fast as you can. These techniques, among the others taught in this active shooter training video will help keep you and your employees safe during this potentially horrific workplace scenario.

This active shooter training is 16 minutes in length and available as a DVD or as an online streaming option. It is also available in either English or Spanish language.

Do you need a good, solid forklift driver safety training video? This is the one you want. In any workplace environment the operation of forklifts comes with its own unique problems and challenges. This 16-minute video provides a thorough overview of forklift operations, including the engineering principles that make forklifts possible, basic safety rules that should be adhered to both by operators and by other workers, and basic maintenance tips and routines that can prevent major issues. This video training program is particularly beneficial for employees who will operate forklifts, and need OSHA approved training to keep them safe while operating the lift. Available in Spanish or English language versions, this video also includes free written materials including a training leader's guide, a sample test or quiz of the material covered in the training video, and a PowerPoint presentation that will supplement the teachings of the video. This is a complete package to train your forklift operators in lift safety, all the while fulfilling the OSHA requirements for training on this machine. This video was updated in 2016 so it is one of the newer products you will find.