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PPE Training Videos

Looking for safety videos to train your employees on the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE)? Look here!! Topics include respirator fit testing, eye safety, hearing conservation, and more.
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Personal Protective Equipment Training Video and DVD Respirator Use Training Video and DVD Eye Safety Training Video and DVD
The use of personal safety equipment is a must to keep employees safe while working. If your employees are at risk of injury due to use of power tools, fire, inhalation, and other common workplace hazards, then this Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety Training Video is for you. This video covers the types of safety training equipment, how it is used, and the importance of using it properly. It also gives a look at the dangers of working without safety equipment in a variety of work settings. This video is available as a DVD or VHS tape and comes in English and Spanish language options. At ten minutes long, it's easy to take in while still offering loads of useful information.

Respiratory equipment can be a lifesaver, but only if it's used properly. This Respirator Use Training Video offers an inside look at the various types of respirators that are available, how they can be used safely and effectively, and when they are required. When dealing with noxious fumes, poisonous gases, or dust and debris, you need the proper equipment and you need it to work properly. This video will help you ensure that your PPE is ready to go and used the right way when you need it. Show this video to your employees during training or as a yearly refresher. It comes on DVD and VHS tape and is available in English and Spanish language options.

Construction workers and those in many other industries should always wear proper eye safety gear to prevent injuries to their eyes. This Eye Protection for Construction Safety Video is designed to show your workers how to choose the right safety gear, the importance of wearing it, and what to do in the event that an injury does occur on the job. Show it to new workers as part of their initial safety training program, or use it as a refresher course for existing personnel who may have a little trouble in this area. The video comes on DVD and VHS tape for added convenience and flexibility.

heat stress safety video and DVD How To Fit Test A Respirator Training Video Fall Protection Safety Training Video and DVD
Workers often find themselves working outside in the heat, oftentimes without access to shade for long periods of time, a fact that puts them at especially high risk for heat stress. Keep your workers safe with this Construction Worker Heat Stress Safety Video. The symptoms of heat stress are no laughing matter, and if severe enough, they can result in serious illness or even death. By following safety precautions, workers who are required to spend extended periods outdoors during the hot summer months can avoid becoming victims of heat stress or heat stroke. This video stresses the importance of hydration and other safety measures which can combat heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It also covers basic first aid to help those who are suffering from heat stress related symptoms. For added convenience, this video comes on DVD and VHS tape and available in English and Spanish language options.

Using a respirator can be a lifesaving practice when workers are exposed to gases, toxic fumes, or dust or other airborne debris, but only if they are used properly. This How to Fit Test a Respirator Training Video will cover not only why it's so important to use a respirator in certain conditions, but also how to fit test equipment before presented with potential health hazards to ensure everything is working property and is a secure fit. It's ideal for training new employees on using their PPE devices, or as a refresher for existing workers. This video comes on DVD and VHS tape and is available in English and Spanish language options.

Falls are a common cause of injury for those working above ground and the results can be catastrophic. Not only can employee injury be painful and potentially deadly, but it can also mean lost wages and costly worker's compensation claims. Keep your workers safe through proper training with this Fall Protection Safety Training Video. It covers the basics of staying safe while working at heights, as well as types of safety equipment, including lanyards, harnesses, rope grabs, swing effect, and more. Use this video as part of your safety training for new recruits, as well as for an annual reminder for existing workers. For convenience, it is available as both a DVD and VHS tape, and comes in English and Spanish language options.

PPE Training Video and DVD OSHA training DVD for hearing conservation Eye Safety Training Video and DVD
Do your employees know the potential consequences of not using personal safety equipment? This Personal Protective Equipment PPE Training Video will cover all the bases of why PPE is so important, as well as give workers an inside look at consequences of not using it, or using it improperly. This video makes a hard hitting training course for new employees, or it makes a quick and effective refresher course for workers who may have become a little lax in this area. The video is available on both DVD and VHS tape, and it comes with a leader manual and employee quiz, so you can ensure that the safety lesson really sunk in.

If your employees need training to help them protect their hearing then this Hearing Conservation and Safety Training Video will help get them the information they need. As you know, OSHA has very strict requirements in place to help protect employees and their hearing. We offer this training video which will help show your employees all about hearing, hearing loss, workplace noise, and most importantly, the proper types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) necessary to protect from hearing loss.

Topics discussed in this training include:
  • The OSHA Standard regarding hearing conservation
  • Multiple Types of PPE including ear plugs, ear muffs, and more
  • Proper care and inspection of PPE
  • The positives and negatives of each type of personal protective equipment
  • Hearing tests and audiograms
  • and much more...
Available in both an English and a Spanish version, this instructional video is 16 minutes in length. It was produced in 2017 so it one of the newer products on the market that deal with hearing loss and hearing protection for workers. This training is also part of our online safety training program if you would prefer to receive your training online or via download.
Protecting the eyes is important for any worker but especially for those who work in environments which may be hazardous to the eyes. This Eye Safety Training kit is designed to offer employees an in depth view of proper eye safety protocol and the importance of keep the eyes protected while at work. This training video goes over important information like choosing the right protective gear, avoiding eye injuries, the impact of sustaining an eye injury, common mistakes employees make which lead to injuries, and common injuries that actually occur. Your trainees will get an inside look with in depth coverage through either a DVD or VHS tape, as well as 30 employee booklets and 5 motivational posters. It also comes available in English and Spanish language options. The package also includes an employee quiz and a completion certificate for completing the course. If you are looking for an eye safety training program that will reduce the potential for injuries then this is the right product for you.