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These safety powerpoint presentations are an excellent and economical way to add to your training library. Whether its a ladder safety powerpoint, back safety powerpoint, or others these low cost safety training products will give you a lot of bang for your buck! These safety powerpoints were professionally designed and developed but you can feel free to customize them any way you want. Go ahead and add your company logo, put in or take out information that is specific to your company and job site. They are yours to customize any way you would like!

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  • Back Safety PowerPoint Presentation

    Back Safety PowerPoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Back injuries are a costly affair for both employers and workers alike. Lost wages, worker’s compensation, and severe pain are enough to cause problems for any organization. This Back Safety PowerPoint is professionally produced to cover all topics related to back injuries and their prevention. It features 37 slides which go over issues related to…

  • Complete Package of Safety Powerpoint Presentations (All 10)

    Complete Package of Safety Powerpoint Presentations (All 10)

    $599.00 $599.00

    If you need training on a variety of subjects, or if you are looking to make an investment for a year’s worth of training, this is a great option. With this product, we include all 10 of our safety Powerpoint presentation decks so you will receive the following: Employee Safety Orientation Powerpoint Ladder Safety Powerpoint…

  • Eye Safety and Protection Powerpoint Presentation

    Eye Safety and Protection Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Are your employees being as mindful of eye protection as they could be? If the answer is “no” then proper training must be the key. This Eye Safety PowerPoint Presentation will your employees the the importance of eye protection, common safety equipment to use to protect the eyes, and much more. It features 32 information…

  • Fire Extinguisher Powerpoint Presentation

    Fire Extinguisher Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Fire are not only dangerous for people and animals, but they also cause thousands in damages for employers each year. This Fire Extinguisher PowerPoint Presentation will show your employees how to respond quickly and effectively if a fire does occur, so it can be put out right away. It covers various types of extinguishers, how…

  • Forklift Safety Powerpoint Presentation

    Forklift Safety Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Forklifts are designed to save you time, money, and man power, but they can be dangerous when not used correctly. This Forklift Safety PowerPoint Presentation will show your employees how to operate a forklift safely and effectively so you can prevent on the job injuries. It features 41 information rich slides, each of which you…

  • The first slide in our Power Tool Safety Powerpoint Presentation.

    Hand And Power Tool Safety Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    If you are looking for a Hand and Power Tool Safety Powerpoint presentation then you have come to the right place. These tools are common on many construction sites, industrial settings, carpentry operations and a whole host of different industries. Teaching your employees how to safely use hand and power tools is an important part…

  • Ladder Safety Powerpoint Presentation

    Ladder Safety Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Ladder injuries are a common occurrence, and they can lead to serious injuries depending on how tall the ladder being used. This Ladder Safety PowerPoint Presentation is designed to help prevent ladder related falls and other injuries through education. It has 32 slides, each one being fully customizable, so you can feature you company logo,…

  • Safe Driver Powerpoint Presentation

    Safe Driver Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Driving related injuries are a major cause of injuries and fatalities among those workers that drive for a living. Keep your employees safe through proper training. This Driving Safety PowerPoint Presentation has 34 slides of information, all of which are customizable with your own company’s information and logo. Workers will learn about how they can…

  • Safety Orientation Powerpoint Presentation

    Safety Orientation Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Help your employees stay safe at work with this Safety Orientation PowerPoint Presentation. It features 22 slides, all of which are fully customizable with your company information. Topics include preparing for a safe work day, using safety equipment, safe work practices, safety housekeeping, and a lot more. It’s the perfect introductory safety course for new…

  • Electrical Safety Powerpoint

    Electrical Safety Powerpoint

    $67.00 $67.00

    Working around electrical equipment can be a recipe for disaster when not done safely. This Electrical Safety PowerPoint Presentation is designed to teach employees how to effectively work with electrical components while preventing injuries. Trainees will learn about fuses, circuit breakers, and handling electrical emergencies. Features 35 information rich slides, each fully customizable with your…

  • Lockout Tagout Powerpoint Presentation

    Lockout Tagout Powerpoint Presentation

    $67.00 $67.00

    Proper lockout tagout procedures play a vital role in any organization where machinery and other equipment are used, but it can be dangerous when not done correctly. This Lockout Tagout PowerPoint is created to provide employees with an in depth look at how to safely perform lockout tagout procedures. You’ll find 43 jam packed slides…

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