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These HR training videos mainly focus not on “safety” topics, but on human resources topics including sexual harassment, diversity, and employee issues (bullying, drug/alcohol issues, conflict resolution, etc.)

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  • Preventing Workplace Discrimination Training for Employees

    Discrimination Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do you need to provide Discrimination Training? If so, this complete package is exactly what you are looking for.  Whether you are looking to provide Discrimination Training for compliance purposes, to nurture employee relationships, or to reduce friction with your workforce, this training will teach your trainees the ins and outs.  If you are looking…

  • This training for managers will help prevent discrimination.

    Manager Discrimination Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do you want to get your managers or supervisors training on preventing discrimination at work? If so, then this training kit is for you.  Our Manager Discrimination Training course will help teach your managers and supervisors all about discrimination in the workplace.  From dealing with different ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, and more, this training will…

  • Workplace Harassment Training

    Workplace Harassment Training for Employees – [Video Kit]


    One of the things that can derail any business and keep employees from being as productive as possible is when “workplace harassment” is present. When employees don’t treat each other with dignity and respect you have the breeding grounds for trouble. That’s why this Workplace Harassment Training Video is so important. The training will help…

  • Prevent Sexual Harassment Training Video for Employees

    Sexual Harassment Training for Employees – [Full Video Kit]


    Preventing sexual harassment in the workplace is critical to the success of your business. This Sexual Harassment Training Video will help educate your workers on how to identify, prevent, and handle any situation involving sexual harassment in all its forms. This training course will give your employees the information they need. If you are looking…

  • Sexual Harassment Training Video for Managers

    Sexual Harassment Training for Managers – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you are looking for the EMPLOYEE version of this training, you can find it here. There is no place for sexual harassment in your business. That’s why this sexual harassment prevention training is specifically geared toward your managers and supervisors. As you know, your management team can either make or break your business. Their…

  • Diversity Training for Employees

    Diversity Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    **Complete Package Which Includes Training Video, Quiz, & Training Completion Certificate** Now more than every employers have a diverse workforce and diversity training is a key to a having a conflict free and successful work environment. Teaching workers the important concepts of diversity will go a long way in reducing conflict and increasing morale. This…

  • Manager Diversity Training

    Manager Diversity Training – [Complete Video Training Package]


    Our workplaces now include men and women of all descriptions – different ages, races, faiths, and sexual orientations. Those unique features make your employees who they are and and now more than over, we are working in a “diverse workplace.” While a diverse workplace offers significant benefits, it can also bring about it’s own challenges….

  • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees

    Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you want the MANAGER version of this training, click here. Do your employees need training on Drug or Alcohol abuse? This Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees will help educate your staff on the role drugs or alcohol might play in their lives and their work.  Substance abuse is a very real problem in…

  • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers

    Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for Managers


    If you are looking for the EMPLOYEE version of this training, click here. Drug or alcohol abuse is, unfortunately, a common occurrence at work.  Training your Managers and supervisors to be aware of employees who might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very important.  Recognizing employees who are abusing drugs or alcohol…

  • Conflict Resolution Training for Employees

    Conflict Resolution Training for Employees [Complete Video Kit]


    This Conflict Resolution Training program will help you reduce conflicts that arise with your employees while at work. As you know when there is employee conflict at your facility it reduces productivity, employee morale and creates a toxic environment that isn’t good for the business or the employees. That’s why this training video on conflict…

  • Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior Training for Employees

    Workplace Bullying Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Although we often hear of bullying or bullies in a school environment, make no mistake, workplace bullying is just as big of a problem. Training your employees to deal with workplace bullying is critical to keeping your staff happy and productive. Statistically, almost 50% of employees surveyed have worked with a bullying co-worker at some point in…

  • This training teaches viewers the ins and outs of Unconscious Bias and it's effects in the workplace.

    Unconscious Bias Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do your employees need Unconscious Bias training? If so then this training package is for you! This video will teach your workers all about the concept of Unconscious Bias and how it impacts the workplace. Several Key Ideas are Covered in this Unconscious Bias Training: What is Unconscious Bias and how is it defined? (It…

  • Workplace Stress Training

    Workplace Stress Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Many employees face stress while they are at work.  The work demands can sometimes cause employees to feel anxious, frustrated, or just plain “stressed” while at work.  That’s why this employee training on Workplace Stress is so important.  Help your employees take control of stress by teaching them techniques on how to deal with it….

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Training for Employees

    OSHA Recordkeeping Training for Employees


    This OSHA Recordkeeping training video will help ensure your employees are properly documenting your workplace accidents and injuries. Maintaining OSHA compliance for record keeping is critical, and this video will help your employees do the task correctly. Keeping good records of your workplace injuries is not only an OSHA requirement, but it can also give…

  • OSHA Recordkeeping Training for Managers and Supervisors

    OSHA Recordkeeping Training for Managers


    If you are manager or supervisor, keeping proper records of accidents and other events happening within your organization is just part of the job. That includes your OSHA logs and other records. This OSHA recordkeeping Training Kit for Managers is designed to help you stay within OSHA regulation (29 CFR Part 1904), so your company…

  • Fitness and Wellness Training

    Fitness and Wellness Training for Employees – [Video Kit]


    Your employees are under a lot of stress. Whether personal or at work, that stress is not good for the employee or employer. That’s why this Fitness and Wellness Training is so important.  The training teaches your employees about the importance of proper fitness and overall wellness. This Fitness and Wellness Training for Employees Covers:…

  • Success Working From Home

    Success Working From Home


    We Can Give Your Employees Working From Home A Login To Watch This Training Online! (Quiz Online Too) Have employees who are used to working in the office but are now working from home? Whether it’s due to the pandemic or any other reason employers are much more comfortable having employees work from home. However,…

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