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Whether its training for earthquakes, hurricanes, insects or rattlesnakes, these safety videos will teach your employees how to remain safe on the job.

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  • Commercial Lawn Mower Safety

    Commercial Lawn Mower Safety


    Do your employees need training on safely using a commercial lawn mower? This lawn mower safety training video will help teach your employees how to operate the mower in a proper and safe manner. This video covers the importance of reading the operator’s manual for the lawnmower being used. Additionally, the video teaches the workers…

  • Dog Bite Prevention

    Dog Bite Prevention


    Keep employees safe from dog and other animals bites on the job with this Dog Bite Prevention Video. The video will show workers how to avoid getting bitten by dogs to the begin with, how to avoid potentially hostile animals, and what to do in case of a dog bite. This training video is an…

  • Earthquake Safety Training

    Earthquake Safety Training


    Earthquakes are serious business and they can happen anywhere. Are your workers prepared? With this Earthquake Safety Video, they will be. Your trainees will learn how to prepare for an earthquake, and what to do if one occurs. Knowing where to go and what to do during a disaster can prevent injuries and fatalities. The…

  • First Aid Training

    First Aid Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your employees need training on first aid, and this video fits that need! Workplace injuries, both large and small, are a common occurrence. Show employees how to handle them with this First Aid Safety Training Video. This First Aid Training for Employees Covers the Following Important Concepts: How is first aid defined, and what types…

  • HAZMAT for Law Enforcement

    HAZMAT for Law Enforcement

    $295.00 $295.00

    Hazmat/WMD Self-Protection for Law Enforcement DVD training video studies law enforcement’s use of personal protective clothing and personal protective equipment, including respiratory protection and chemical protective clothing. Topics covered include: – Why protective equipment is necessary – Features and limitations of different types of respiratory protection – Respiratory protection used for WMD incidents – EPA…

  • Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods

    Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Floods


    If you need training for your employees on tornadoes and hurricanes then this video is for you! You just never know when mother nature will choose to strike. Natural disasters can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and even worse, they can fatally injure you and your employees. Be prepared thanks to this Hurricanes, Tornadoes…

  • Intro to OSHA

    Intro to OSHA Training Video – [Full Course]


    Want to teach your employees the ins and outs of OSHA when it comes to your Company’s workplace safety program?  This “Introduction to OSHA” training course will help teach your employees all about OSHA – their history, why they exist, the rights required for both employees and employers, and much more. This Intro to OSHA…

  • Job Safety Analysis JSA

    Job Safety Analysis JSA


    Learn to perform JSA’s in your workplace with this Job Safety Analysis Video. This training video a must see for managers, owners and supervisors, as it goes into detail about how to do a JSA as well as provides info on why they are necessary and what they are exactly. You can use it as…

  • Killer Bees, Wasps and Spiders

    Killer Bees, Wasps and Spiders


    If you need training to prevent bee, wasp or spider stings then this video is for you! Outdoor pests can be more than just a pain to deal with. If one bites or stings, the results can be deadly. This Bee Wasp and Spider Safety Video will alert employees to the very real dangers of…

  • Meter Reader Safety Training

    Meter Reader Safety Training


    You might not thinking meter readers as being up there on the list of dangerous professions, but men and women in this role face a wide range of obstacles. They face not only angry dogs, insects, heat, and threat of slips and falls, but also inclimate weather. Keep employees safe with this Meter Reader Safety…

  • Tree Trimming Safety - Including Wood Chippers and Chainsaws

    Tree Trimming Safety – Including Wood Chippers and Chainsaws


    If you need a safety training video for your tree trimmer employees then this video is for you! Tree trimming is a potentially dangerous job if the right precautions aren’t taken. This Tree Trimming Safety Video will show your employees, or yourself, how to handle powerful equipment effectively and safely. It includes information on chainsaws…

  • Utility Cart Safety Training Video

    Utility Cart Safety Training Video


    This utility cart safety training DVD will teach your employee how to properly and safely drive a utility cart. Many accidents can and do occur while employees use these carts and our training will help alleviate common accidents and injuries through education and training of the drivers. From pedestrian safety to properly loading the carts,…

  • Workplace Violence Training Video

    Workplace Violence Training Video – [Complete Kit]


    If you need workplace violence training for your employees, then this video kit is for you! No workplace is immune from violence. Did you know that OSHA requires that employers provide “a place of employment free from recognized hazards that are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees?” This definition certainly includes workplace violence….

  • Active Shooter Training Video

    Active Shooter Training for Businesses – [Complete Video Kit]


    This active shooter training aims to teach you and your employees what to do in an active shooter situation. How do you survive? What actions should you take to protect yourself and others? What are the “do’s” and “dont’s” during this crisis? The active shooter training video teaches viewers about “situational awareness” in the workplace…

  • Industrial Ergonomics Training Video

    Industrial Ergonomics Training – [Full Video Kit]


    This Industrial Ergonomics Training is an excellent place to start if you want to reduce employee accidents and injuries. Since many workplace injuries involve sprains and strains on our employees’ bodies, teaching them how to use proper and ergonomically correct body mechanics while performing their daily job duties is important. Ergonomic Health and Ergonomics Principles…

  • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Employees

    Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you want the MANAGER version of this training, click here. Do your employees need training on Drug or Alcohol abuse? This Drug and Alcohol Training for Employees will help educate your staff on the role drugs or alcohol might play in their lives and their work.  Substance abuse is a very real problem in…

  • Dealing with Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Managers

    Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training for Managers


    If you are looking for the EMPLOYEE version of this training, click here. Drug or alcohol abuse is, unfortunately, a common occurrence at work.  Training your Managers and supervisors to be aware of employees who might be under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very important.  Recognizing employees who are abusing drugs or alcohol…

  • Chainsaw Safety Training Video

    Chainsaw Safety Training Video


    This chainsaw safety video will teach your workers how to properly use the saw, how to follow safe operating rules, and how to avoid getting injured while using this tool. It’s no shock that chainsaws can be dangerous tools to use for those who have not been trained on chainsaw safety protocol. Risk of amputation,…

  • Bullying and Other Disruptive Behavior Training for Employees

    Workplace Bullying Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Although we often hear of bullying or bullies in a school environment, make no mistake, workplace bullying is just as big of a problem. Training your employees to deal with workplace bullying is critical to keeping your staff happy and productive. Statistically, almost 50% of employees surveyed have worked with a bullying co-worker at some point in…


    Bailer Safety Training Video


    Cardboard balers are heavy duty machines and that opens the door to injuries. Proper training and use of this machine are pertinent for keeping your workers safe and free from injuries. This Bailer Safety Video can help. The video covers topics related to using these high powered machines effectively and safely to cut down on…


    Box Cutter Safety Training Video


    Box cutters are useful and necessary tools, but they can also result in sliced fingers and other injuries when they’re in the wrong hands. This Box Cutter Safety Training Video will show employees the proper way of using box cutters to help them avoid unnecessary accidents. The video teaches workers that by keeping their hands,…

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