Welder Safety Training

Need training videos for your employees that weld? These welding safety videos will help keep your employees safe while doing their important work within your facility. From health and safety factors of welding, to hot work, to OSHA welding compliance videos, these training products keep your facility compliant, and your employees properly trained.

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  • Welding Safety Video

    Welding Safety Training – [Complete Video Package]


    This welding safety training course will teach your welders how to properly use their equipment without getting injured. As you know, welding, cutting, and brazing is performed at very high temperatures, which, when mixed with oxygen, acetylene, hydrogen, or other fuel gases, can be a recipe for disaster. Other types of welding operations might include…

  • Hot Work Permit Training

    Hot Work Training – [Complete Video Training Package]


    This hot work permit training video will help your welders and job site comply with the OSHA hot work permit guidelines. As you know, whether your employees are welding, brazing, grinding, soldering, or cutting, the tools of their trade create an environment where sparks fly, and fire dangers are real. That is why making sure…

  • Arc Welding Safety

    Arc Welding Safety


    Arc welding presents many dangers, including heat exposure, sparks, and eye and ear hazards. This Arc Welding Safety Training Video goes over every aspect of arc welding, as well as the safety measures needed to do it safely. It’s a must see for employees who are just getting started and need to get off on…

  • Cutting Torch Safety Training

    Cutting Torch Safety Training


    If your employees are responsible for using cutting torches, they need to be properly trained in doing it safely. Accidents and injuries are more common than you might think. Don’t let them happen to your workers. This Cutting Torch Safety Training Video will show your employees how to operate this useful tool safely. Topics include…




    Need a training video to teach your employees how to be safe on the job while welding? The art of welding requires the use of specialized, and oftentimes dangerous, equipment and machinery. Add to that the fact that welders often work in equally hazardous conditions and settings in many different capacities, and it becomes pertinent…

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