Driving Safety Videos

If you employ drivers as part of your workforce then you know that driving safety plays a big role in reducing accidents and injuries. These driving safety training videos will show your employees how to remain safe while on the road.

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  • Driving Safety - The Complete Program

    Driving Safety – The Complete Program [Video Training Package]


    Did you know that driving related accidents are the leading cause of death while working? Over 40,000 people will die this year on America’s roadways. Will your employees be part of that statistic? Help them drive safely with this Driving Safety Video. This training video gives drivers from all walks of life the inside scoop…

  • Defensive Driver Training

    Defensive Driver Training – [Complete Video Package]


    If you have employees that drive as part of their job then teaching them the skills of defensive driving can be a lifesaver. This training video will teach your employees all about the importance of defensive driving, and how to react while behind the wheel. Traveling on our nation’s roadways can be dangerous. Although you…

  • Distracted Driver Training Video

    Distracted Driver Training Course – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do your employees drive as part of their job duties? If so, this training video on “Distracted Driving” is a really important safety training tool for them and for you. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), drivers who were distracted behind the wheel were responsible for more than 3000 deaths in 2015….

  • This training teaches drivers how to be safe while operating company vehicles.

    Driver Safety Video – The Basics


    If your employees do any amount of driving for your business, then you know how important driver safety is.  If your goal is to reduce the number of work-related auto accidents among your employees, then this Driver Safety Video is for you. Driver Safety Concepts Taught In This Training: How many people die each year…

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL Drivers

    Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL Drivers – [Video Training Kit]


    If your business has commercial drivers, you and your employees need to understand the ins and outs of Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL Drivers. This training video will teach your drivers the rules about drugs and alcohol when they are behind the wheel, the DOT Standards around this subject, as well as the FMCSA…

  • Think And Drive - Driver Safety Training Video

    Think And Drive – Driver Safety Training Video


    Staying safe in your vehicle is about more than just avoiding accidents. This Driver Safety Training Video “Think N Drive” is tailored to those who have to drive long distances to or for work. It offers tips on avoiding auto accidents and maintaining a positive attitude and minimal stress levels while driving on the road….

  • Fatigue prevention for CMV drivers.

    Fatigue Prevention for CMV Drivers – [Video Training Kit]


    If you have Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers on your staff, then you know making sure that they are not fatigued while driving is critical.  That’s where this Fatigue Prevention for CMV Drivers training comes in.  Keeping your CMV drivers from getting involved in accidents benefits you, the driver, and other vehicles on the road. This…

  • Winter Driving Safety

    Winter Driving Safety


    Driving is dangerous enough even in the best conditions but it’s even more treacherous during winter weather conditions. If your employees are required to drive during bad weather, this Winter Driving Safety Video will help them do it safely. This training program covers the various types of winter driving conditions and how to navigate all…

  • Road Rage - How To Handle Upset Drivers

    Road Rage – How To Handle Upset Drivers


    We’ve all heard of road rage. Maybe you’ve even been guilty of it. But it’s not only unproductive in solving traffic issues, it can also lead to potentially dangerous behavior, injury and auto accidents. This Road Rage Training Video and DVD offers a helpful look at avoiding road rage and the hazardous behaviors which can…

  • Intersections - Expect The Unexpected - Driver Safety Training

    Intersections – Expect The Unexpected Training


    Passing through intersections is such a common occurrence that many drivers don’t give them a second thought. All it takes is one second of absentmindedness to lead to an accident though. When larges trucks are involved, these accidents are often fatal for other drivers. As a professional, it is your job to keep others on…

  • Driving Under The Influence or DUI - The Consequences

    Driving Under The Influence or DUI – The Consequences


    Worried that you have drivers employed by you that are at risk of a DUI? Driving under the influence is an all too common occurrence among employees. Are you sure your employees are behaving responsibly while on the road? Whether you employ drivers, or you simply have workers who drive to and from work, this…

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