Electrical Safety Training

This set of electrical training videos were created with the OSHA requirements in mind. If your employees work with or around electricity, then these compliance training videos will help you meet your obligation for training under 29 CFR 1910.301-399, Subpart S.

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  • Electrical Safety Training Video

    Electrical Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    When your employees work around or work with electricity, they need a solid electrical safety video to teach them the electrical safety concepts. Did you know that the NFPA has determined that electrical malfunctions cause thousands of injuries and hundreds of deaths each year? Ensure you are protecting your business and your employees regarding electrical safety…

  • Arc Flash Safety Training Video

    Arc Flash Training – [Complete Safety Video Package]


    This arc flash training video will help keep your employees who work around electricity safe on the job. Arc hazards present a real and potentially fatal threat to employees working around electricity, which is why this arc flash training course is so important. Arc flash danger has led to the development of the National Fire…

  • Electrocution Prevention Safety Training

    Electrocution Prevention Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If your employees work on or around electricity than you know how important proper electrical safety training is. This Electrocution Hazards Training Video will teach your employees all about electrical safety and the many dangers associated with electrical accidents, specifically with electrocution. What you may not know is that “electrocution” is the fourth leading cause…




    Give your employees the training they need to remain safe on the job with this GFCI Safety Training Video. As you know, GFCI or ground fault circuit interrupter’s are a very important safety feature that anyone dealing with electricity must understand and be training on. It will train each of them on how ground fault…

  • Electrical Safety Powerpoint

    Electrical Safety Powerpoint

    $67.00 $67.00

    Working around electrical equipment can be a recipe for disaster when not done safely. This Electrical Safety PowerPoint Presentation is designed to teach employees how to effectively work with electrical components while preventing injuries. Trainees will learn about fuses, circuit breakers, and handling electrical emergencies. Features 35 information rich slides, each fully customizable with your…

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