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Excavator Safety Training – [Complete Video Training Kit]

Excavator Safety Training Video


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Do your employees use an Excavator or mini Excavator? If so, then you need this Excavator Safety Video to teach your crew how to safely use this important piece of machinery. This large piece of equipment can cause serious accidents or injuries if your workers aren’t trained properly. This course will ensure they know the rules of proper and safe operation of the excavator.

This Excavator Safety Training Covers Several Key Concepts With Your Employees:

  • What are the different parts of the excavator and what are they used for?
  • How do you inspect the excavator prior to use and what specifically do you look for on the car body, track system, grouser bars, dry sprocket and other components of the machine?
  • How to you inspect the boom and stick and which inspection items should you be checking daily?
  • The importance of a proper working seat belt in the excavator, and how does it help keep the operator safe while using the machine?
  • The importance of proper footwear while using the excavator and how it helps reduce accidents and injuries.
  • What are the key things excavator operators need to be thinking about and looking for BEFORE they enter the cab of the machine?
  • The importance of pedestrian safety and how to prevent injuries to co-workers
  • Power lines and why they are important to be aware of when operating the excavator (seems obvious but many hundreds of excavator operators get injured yearly by power lines)

Excavator Safety Training Additional Topics Discussed:

  • How slopes, hills, and uneven surfaces effect the operation of the excavator and how to navigate these work areas safely while using the machine
  • What common hand signals should be used to help the compact excavator operator use the machine safely?
  • What are the four key items to think of BEFORE start an excavation project (example: the depth of the excavation, where the soil be placed upon removal, how will the excavation be backfilled, what type of soil or material will you be working with)
  • Excavator trenching and additional precautions necessary when using the machine to dig a trench
  • Why it’s important to understand the capacity and capabilities of your excavator and attachments prior to using the machine
  • and much more…

Keeping your employees who use excavators trained in the importance of using the machine safely benefits both employees and employers alike. Regardless of the type of machine models your company operates, this training video will teach the basic principles needed for safe operation. By using this Excavator Safety Video as part of your safety program it will ensure your employees can perform their jobs, and reduce the possibility of accidents or injuries on the job. Available as a DVD or USB Stick this training package is a welcome addition to any heavy equipment safety education regimen.

Excavator Safety Video – Full Length Preview:

What's In The Box?

All of our training videos include the following additional resources:

1) A Leader’s Guide

The person giving the training can use the Guide to help facilitate the training and provide additional verbal support to the video. It also includes a sample outline for the training session along with the highlights of the course.

2) An Employee Quiz

Important to be able to test your trainees to make sure they understand and comprehend the training course they just watched.  This is also good for employer documentation for safety training of employees.

3) Answer Key to the Quiz

Ensures the questions are being answered correctly.

4) An Attendance Sheet

Allows you to keep track of who was trained, when the training occurred, who was the instructor, etc. Excellent documentation to prove your training requirements are in order.

5) A Printable “Certificate of Completion”

Allows you to give one to each employee who attends the safety training session.  Can also be kept in an employee file for training documentation.

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