Fire Safety Training

If you are looking for fire safety training videos than we have a great collection for you here. As you know fire prevention in the workplace is a popular area for the training of employees and an important one too. We offer videos on how to use fire extinguishes, how to prevent fires, and what do to when a fire breaks out.

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  • Fire Extinguisher Training and Use Video

    Fire Extinguisher Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Teaching your employees how to use a fire extinguisher is a best practice for their safety as well as the safety of your facility. This fire extinguisher training program will help your employees understand exactly how to use a fire extinguisher. What Topics Are Covered in this Fire Extinguisher Training Course: This Fire Extinguisher Training…

  • Fire Prevention in General Industry

    Fire Prevention Training for Employees – [Complete Video Kit]


    Fires are not only dangerous to human health but they also can cause thousands of dollars in damages in many cases. Keep your crew and your property safe through proper training on fire safety regulations using this Industrial Fire Prevention Training Video. This video has all the information you need on the causes of industrial…

  • Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

    Fire Prevention in Healthcare Facilities


    Fire prevention in healthcare facilities is a serious and life-threatening issue. Fire can be the most frightening of all the safety problems an employee can encounter. Every year fires in healthcare facilities cause millions of dollars in damage and result in hundreds of fatal injuries. Yet many employees do not realize how their actions or…

  • Office Worker Fire Prevention Training

    Office Worker Fire Prevention Training


    This Fire Prevention Training video focuses on offices and office workers. As you know there are many fire hazards within an office environment including overloaded electrical outlets, power strips and small appliances. This Office Fire Prevention Training Covers Several Important Topics: How do office fires start and what are some examples of fuels to that…

  • Bonding and Grounding of Flammable Liquid



    Sometimes “in your face” is the best way to get someone’s attention and that is the goal of this Fire Prevention Safety Video. It’ shows “the gory story” of what can happen when proper fire prevention and emergency proceedings are not followed. It shows up close and personal video footage of those who were burned…

  • Hotel Fire Safety Training Video

    Hotel Fire Safety Training Video


    If you are running a hotel then you know that fire safety training is extremely important. Depending on the size of the hotel you could have hundreds of people in the building at one time. From employees to guests, the dangers of a fire in the hotel is very real and very dangerous. This hotel…

  • Fire Prevention in the Construction Industry

    Fire Prevention in the Construction Industry


    Fires bring with them not only the potential for serious injury, or even death, but they also cause millions in property damage each year. Help prevent fires on the job with this Fire Prevention for Construction Safety Video. It covers the basics of fire safety, making it a great introductory course for new workers, as…

  • Combustible Dust Safety Training

    Combustible Dust Safety Training


    When handling combustible dust on the job explosions and fires are a real threat. This Combustible Dust Safety Training Video helps workers learn ways to avoid fires, such as those caused by accumulated dust, so help prevent combustible gas explosions and other issues. It is a must see training options for those new to working…

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