Hazard Communication

Need to train your staff on Hazard Communication or HAZCOM Guidelines? These videos might fit your needs. While we also carry a complete line of GHS or Globally Harmonized Standard videos, many employers find these Hazard Communication Training Videos to their liking. These videos are meant to outline the principles found in OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.1200 and should be part of any employee safety training program.

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  • Hazard Communication Training for General Industry

    Hazard Communication Training – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    This Hazard Communication training video will help educate your workers on the hazards in their work areas, AND keep your compliant with the OSHA Standard. This “Right to Know” or HAZCOM training will teach your workers all about chemical hazards, Safety Data Sheets, as well as the importance of each facility’s written Hazard Communication program….

  • Hazard Communication Training for Healthcare Employees

    Healthcare HAZCOM Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your healthcare workers need HAZCOM training and this training video fits that need.  Per OSHA, your healthcare staff is required to undergo hazard communication training to inform them about the chemicals they have in the workplace. This is also called the “Right to Know” regulation. This Healthcare Staff HAZCOM Training Covers: Like all workers, healthcare…

  • HAZCOM for Construction Workers Training

    HAZCOM for Construction – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    Hazard communication or HAZCOM, is a necessary piece of training for your construction crew.  They must be informed of and understand the chemicals and other substances they are working with. This HAZCOM Training for Construction video will help your company meet its OSHA training requirements and help your employees remain safe on the job. This…

  • Hazard Communication Training for Cleaners and Maintenance Workers

    Janitorial Hazard Communication Training – [Complete Kit]


    If you employ janitors or cleaners in your Company, it is required that you provide them with Hazard Communication Training.  Teaching your workers all about the chemicals they work with is a big part of OSHA’s “Right to Know” mandate.  This Janitor and Cleaning Staff Hazard Communication Training will put you and your employees on…

  • Hazard Communication Training for Automotive

    Hazard Communication Training for Automotive


    For workers in the auto service industry, there are many hazards in the workplace. As an employer, your responsibility is to train your employees and communicate the hazards in the workplace (also known as hazard communication). This Hazard Communication Training Video is focused on those employees who work in any auto-related field. Topics Covered in…

  • Hazard Communication for Hospitality Employees

    Hospitality Hazard Communication Training – [Complete Kit]


    OSHA requires that your hospitality employees receive training on Hazard Communication.  This regulation, also known as “Right to Know,” is an important part of any hospitality training program.  This Hazard Communication Training for Hospitality Workers will give your employees the knowledge they need to deal with chemicals in the workplace. This training will also help…

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