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Truck driver specific training including DOT drug training, back injury prevention and more.

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  • Cover image for a DOT Cargo Securement Training Video, featuring a semi-truck loaded with construction equipment. The text 'DOT CARGO SECUREMENT TRAINING VIDEO' is displayed prominently in bold white and yellow letters against a translucent black background, with the logo at the bottom.

    DOT Cargo Securement Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do your Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers need training on how to secure cargo? Of course, they do.  This Cargo or Load Securement Training will teach your drivers the ins and outs of making sure their load stays intact while in transit. As you know, losing a load costs money to you, your customers, and potentially…

  • Dot commercial motor vehicle inspections training.

    DOT Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection – [Video Training Kit]


    Do your Commercial Drivers need training on Vehicle Inspections? If so, this is the training package for you. As you know the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that motor carriers implement a program to inspect their truck and commercial vehicles. These inspections aim to ensure that these large trucks and transport vehicles are mechanically safe…

  • Dot hours of service training video.

    DOT Hours of Service Training – [Complete Video Package]


    Do your Commercial drivers need Hours of Service training? If so, then this training kit is for you! The Department of Transportation or DOT, along with the FMCSA, have established “Hours of Service” regulations for your drivers. The reasoning is that by monitoring and limiting the hours a commercial driver spends behind the wheel, you will…

  • This training is meant to be a safety orientation training for warehouse workers.

    Warehouse Safety Orientation – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    If you have employees that work in an warehouse then you know how important safety training is.  This Warehouse Safety Orientation training will help your warehouse staff get started on the right path towards working safely.  The training teaches warehouse workers important safety concepts including having a safety first attitude, hazards within the warehouse to…

  • Electric Or Motorized Pallet Jack Safety Training

    Electric Pallet Jack Training & Certification – [Video Kit]


    Do your employees need pallet jack certification? If so, this Electric Pallet Jack Training is for you! Part of the benefit of electric pallet jacks, walkies, and walkie-riders, is that they eliminate many of the risks associated with lifting injuries in the workplace. Ironically, however, if used improperly or without sufficient training, these back-savers can…

  • Reasonable Suspicion Drug and Alcohol Testing Training

    Reasonable Suspicion Training of CDL Drivers – [Full Video Kit]


    If you employ Commercial Drivers, then your Manager and Supervisors need to know how to handle “Reasonable Suspicion” testing situations. If you have a Commercial driver’s License holder, then you know that testing for suspected drug or alcohol use is a Department of Transportation and CMCSA requirement.  That is why this DOT Reasonable Suspicion Training…

  • An informative graphic with bold text stating 'INJURY PREVENTION TRAINING FOR CDL DRIVERS' overlaid on an image of a CDL driver behind the wheel. The driver is wearing a high-visibility safety vest and glasses, and appears to be attentively operating a large vehicle. In the bottom right corner, the logo for is visible, indicating that the image is likely promotional material for a safety training resource or course offered by the website.

    CDL Driver Injury Prevention Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you employ truck drivers or any holders of Commercial Drivers’ Licenses, then you need safety training for them. Fact is, truck drivers can and do sustain injuries while they are working.  It’s not always during driving that they get injured though.  Did you know that most of the injuries CDL drivers sustain occur inside…

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL Drivers

    Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL Drivers – [Video Training Kit]


    If your business has commercial drivers, you and your employees need to understand the ins and outs of Drug and Alcohol Testing for CDL Drivers. This training video will teach your drivers the rules about drugs and alcohol when they are behind the wheel, the DOT Standards around this subject, as well as the FMCSA…

  • Manual Pallet Jack Safety Training

    Manual Pallet Jack Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If your employee’s use manual pallet jacks then this training video will help them how to use the jack more safely and with better productivity. This manual pallet jack training video will help keep your workers injury free while using this powerful tool. Important safety concepts related to pallet jacks are covered within the training….

  • Driving defensively training for cdl drivers.

    Driving Defensively Training for CDL or Large Trucks [Video Kit]


    Your CDL and large vehicle drivers face a lot of challenges on the road.  Their safety, and the safety of those other drivers they encounter is critical to preventing injuries and accidents. That’s where this training for CDL license holders and drivers of large truck comes in and that’s through understanding how to drive defensively….

  • Loading Dock Safety Training

    Loading Dock Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Loading docks are one of the busiest places in a business’s daily operation. With materials to store, move, and ship, the loading dock is an area that always requires a safety mindset. This Loading Dock Safety Training Video will help educate your staff on the proper safety protocols when working on or near the loading…


    Warehouse Safety Training – [Complete Video Package]


    Those who work in warehouses face daily hazards, but that doesn’t have to spell disaster. This Warehouse Safety Training is targeted specifically at those who work in warehouses and distribution centers, and it covers several important topics that will help keep both your facility and your employees safe on the job. This Warehouse Safety Training…

  • Cdl drivers training on handling adverse conditions.

    CDL Driver Training on Handling Adverse Conditions [Video Kit]


    When you have CDL drivers or employees who drive large trucks for your business, then keeping them from getting into accidents is a big priority.  Any training that you can provide that helps prevent injuries or accidents is good for both your drivers and your business. That’s where this training for CDL and large truck…

  • Materials Handling Safety Training

    Material Handling Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Most workers don’t give materials handling much thought, but the mishandling of materials leads to tens of thousands of injuries each year. This Materials Handling Safety Video is designed to teach your worker how to avoid injuries while on the job. Viewers of this training will learn how to handle a range of materials, using…

  • Think And Drive - Driver Safety Training Video

    Think And Drive – Driver Safety Training Video


    Staying safe in your vehicle is about more than just avoiding accidents. This Driver Safety Training Video “Think N Drive” is tailored to those who have to drive long distances to or for work. It offers tips on avoiding auto accidents and maintaining a positive attitude and minimal stress levels while driving on the road….

  • Bobtailing And Jackknifing Training Video

    Bobtailing And Jackknifing Training Video


    Safe driving is the most important skill any trucker can have. This Bobtailing and Jackknifing Training Video will show your drivers what bobtailing is, why it’s dangerous, and how to do it safely. It also goes over braking techniques and how they impact the trailer so you can avoid “jackknifing.” It’s a must see for…

  • Fatigue prevention for CMV drivers.

    Fatigue Prevention for CMV Drivers – [Video Training Kit]


    If you have Commercial Motor Vehicle drivers on your staff, then you know making sure that they are not fatigued while driving is critical.  That’s where this Fatigue Prevention for CMV Drivers training comes in.  Keeping your CMV drivers from getting involved in accidents benefits you, the driver, and other vehicles on the road. This…

  • Winter Driving Safety

    Winter Driving Safety


    Driving is dangerous enough even in the best conditions but it’s even more treacherous during winter weather conditions. If your employees are required to drive during bad weather, this Winter Driving Safety Video will help them do it safely. This training program covers the various types of winter driving conditions and how to navigate all…

  • Semi Truck Braking Techniques Training Video

    Semi Truck Braking Techniques Training Video


    Your braking system is important, and knowing how to use it is even more so. Since trucks are much heavier than most passenger vehicles, proper braking technique can mean the difference between life and death, since accidents are often much more serious, but trucks are harder to brake effectively. This Semi Truck Braking System and…

  • Safe Backing Of Tractor Trailer Rigs And Semi Trucks

    Safe Backing Of Tractor Trailer Rigs And Semi Trucks


    Backing a big rig is perhaps the most intricate maneuver required by truck drivers, and it is one that takes an acquired set of skills to master. Due to the sheer size of most semis, backing them up is a far cry from backing up almost any other passenger vehicle. This How to Safely Back…


    DOT “Out of Service” Criteria


    How do you know when a truck is no longer fit to be on the road for its intended purpose? This DOT Out of Service Criteria Video is designed to show you how. It reviews the Department of Transportation’s criteria for determining when a vehicle is out of service. This training video is intended for…

  • Loading And Unloading Of Trailers Safety Training

    Loading And Unloading Of Trailers Safety Training


    Do you need a little help encouraging your crew to follow safety measures when loading and unloading trucks and other vehicles? This Loading and Unloading of Trailers Safety Video is designed to do just that. The most important aspect of maintaining safety on the job is a willingness to follow all business safety protocol. This…

  • Preventing Slips And Falls In Trucking Industry

    Preventing Slips And Falls In Trucking Industry


    Most truckers know that they face hazards from driving during nighttime hours and during inclimate weather conditions, but they may not know that slips and falls are the most prevalent type of injury for truckers. Falling from your truck as you enter and exit can cause sprains or even fractures if you aren’t’ careful. This…

  • Road Rage - How To Handle Upset Drivers

    Road Rage – How To Handle Upset Drivers


    We’ve all heard of road rage. Maybe you’ve even been guilty of it. But it’s not only unproductive in solving traffic issues, it can also lead to potentially dangerous behavior, injury and auto accidents. This Road Rage Training Video and DVD offers a helpful look at avoiding road rage and the hazardous behaviors which can…




    Train workers on using, handling, and transporting hazardous materials with this Trucking Hazard Communication Training Video. It’s tailored to those in the transportation industry and is OSHA required for those who work around hazardous materials. This informative video covers labeling, data sheets, and basic safety when handling these materials. It’s a great course for training…


    Trucking Safety Orientation


    Give your employees a head start on driver safety training with this Trucking Safety Orientation Video. This training video covers topics related to hazards that truckers often run into, and it goes over proper clothing, how to avoid risks, proper shoes, safe lifting techniques, and other general hazards. The video delves into everything workers need…

  • Driving In Extreme Weather Conditions Training

    Driving In Extreme Weather Conditions Training


    Sometimes driving in extreme weather is unavoidable for truckers, but safety is still important. This Driving in Bad Weather Conditions Training Video is designed to remind truckers and other professional drivers of general safety guidelines for driving in inclimate weather. This includes maintaining greater distance between the truck and other vehicles, taking things slow, and…

  • Intersections - Expect The Unexpected - Driver Safety Training

    Intersections – Expect The Unexpected Training


    Passing through intersections is such a common occurrence that many drivers don’t give them a second thought. All it takes is one second of absentmindedness to lead to an accident though. When larges trucks are involved, these accidents are often fatal for other drivers. As a professional, it is your job to keep others on…

  • Rest Stop Routines For Truck Drivers

    Rest Stop Routines For Truck Drivers


    Truckers are at particular risk for musculoskeletal issues due to sitting in the truck for long hours in the same position. This combined with the truck’s vibrations and bad posture can wreak havoc on the spine, shoulders, and other major bone and muscle groups. This Rest Stop Routine for Truck Drivers Training Video will show…

  • Comprehensive Safety Analysis Training Video

    Comprehensive Safety Analysis Training Video


    Is your organization compliant with The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) regulations? It’s up to you to ensure that you are following all safety requirements, and this Comprehensive Safety Analysis Training Video will show you how to analyze your current safety measures to ensure they are within regulations. This not only means your organization…

  • Driving Under The Influence or DUI - The Consequences

    Driving Under The Influence or DUI – The Consequences


    Worried that you have drivers employed by you that are at risk of a DUI? Driving under the influence is an all too common occurrence among employees. Are you sure your employees are behaving responsibly while on the road? Whether you employ drivers, or you simply have workers who drive to and from work, this…




    Back injuries are no joke. They are not only painful, but they can be costly for workers and employers alike. This Safe Lifting in the Distribution Terminal Video shows workers the proper way to lift heavy objects with easy to follow demonstrations and explanations of how the back works. This training video also covers what…

  • Transportation Professionals Nutrition and Health Training Video

    Transportation Professionals Nutrition and Health Training Video


    Spending long hours on the road can take a toll on the body, especially if you aren’t taking the time for proper nutrition and exercise. This Drivers and the Importance of Nutrition Video stresses the necessity of eating a balanced diet for truckers and others who are forced into long hours on the road. Not…

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