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These office safety training videos cover a wide variety of topics including ergonomics, computer workstation safety, and other hazards present in an office environment.

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  • This training is meant to be a safety orientation for office workers

    Office Safety Orientation – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    Safety orientation is just as important for your office workers as it is in other departments. Although an office job is considered “safer” than many other industries, injuries can occur in an office environment. That’s why this Office Safety Orientation training is so important. It will teach your office staff how to stay safe while…

  • Office Safety Training - The Basics

    Office Safety Training – The Basics [Complete Video Package]


    This Office Safety Training Video focuses on injury prevention for an often forgotten group of workers when it comes to safety training – office workers. Did you know your office staff is twice as likely to suffer a disabling injury than a non-office worker due to a fall injury? Your office staff is exposed to several…

  • Office Ergonomic Training

    Office Ergonomics Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    One of the most pressing issues among office workers is how ergonomics might affect their daily well-being. This Office Ergonomics training video will help educate your office workers on the ways proper body ergonomics can help them prevent injuries while completing their job duties. The training video covers many important areas of office ergonomics. How…

  • Back Safety Training for Office Staff

    Back Safety Training for Office Staff – [Full Video Kit]


    As you know, back injuries occur not only in construction or industrial environments. Back injuries can and do occur with your office-based employees too. We have created a specific video for office workers on back safety which speaks directly to them and their specific needs. This office worker back safety video will help you prevent…

  • Computer Workstation Safety Training

    Computer Workstation Ergonomics Training – [Video Kit]


    Do your employees need training on how to set up their computer workstations?  This training video will get you on the right track.  Computer desks need to be set up correctly to reduce injuries.  This computer workstation safety training will cover the basics your employees need. This Computer Workstation Safety Training Covers the Following Important…

  • Office Worker Fire Prevention Training

    Office Worker Fire Prevention Training


    This Fire Prevention Training video focuses on offices and office workers. As you know there are many fire hazards within an office environment including overloaded electrical outlets, power strips and small appliances. This Office Fire Prevention Training Covers Several Important Topics: How do office fires start and what are some examples of fuels to that…

  • Conflict Resolution in the Office Training

    Conflict Resolution in the Office Training


    Most office environments have some level of conflict in them and putting an end to it quickly is the key to a happy and peaceful office. This Office Worker Conflict Resolution Training will help educate your office staff on how to avoid conflict, resolve conflict that does arise, and prevent conflict in the future. The…

  • Office Worker Training on Workplace Harassment

    Office Worker Training on Workplace Harassment


    This training video will teach your office staff how to deal with harassment in the workplace. As you know, any sort of harassment within an office setting is bad for both business and for your employees. These unresolved conflicts reduce productivity and happiness for employees. This Workplace Harassment training video is focused on office workers…

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