GHS Training Videos

Need training videos on the new GHS standard from OSHA? We’ve got them here! The following are training videos on the Globally Harmonized System that are meant to fulfill your employee training requirement from OSHA.

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  • GHS Container Labels Training

    GHS Container Labels Training – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    This GHS Container Labeling Training Video will help your employees understand the six types of information on a Globally Harmonized System (GHS) label and how to understand the nine types of pictograms used in a GHS labeling program. This training video was created specifically to help you with the OSHA GHS compliance standard. The training…

  • GHS Safety Data Sheets in the Laboratory

    GHS Safety Data Sheets in the Laboratory


    An important part of any lab worker’s job is to read and understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS). This training video will teach lab workers about the new GHS, or Globally Harmonized System, for classifying and labeling chemicals. This GHS training video for lab employees will place special emphasis on working safely with chemicals they may…

  • GHS Safety Data Sheets Training

    GHS Safety Data Sheets Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do your employees need Safety Data Sheets Training? If so, then this training package is for you!  Safety data sheets are an important part of the GHS or Globally Harmonized System of Classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals.  This Safety Data Sheet Training goes through each of the 16 sections of the SDS and will…

  • Intro to GHS - Globally Harmonized System

    Intro to GHS – Globally Harmonized System


    Your employees need to be trained on GHS, or the Globally Harmonized System and this training DVD does just that. This introduction to GHS training video teaches viewers all about chemicals, their place in our job sites, and how to work safely with chemicals. This GHS training provides viewers with the answers to several important…

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