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Construction workers face many different hazards while performing their jobs. We provide safety training videos to help alleviate construction site injuries by teaching your employees how to lift properly, prevent fires, lockout/tagout, and much more. These construction safety training videos will help keep your construction crew safe on the job site.

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  • Asbestos Awareness Training

    Asbestos Awareness Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    This asbestos awareness training will help educate your employees on the danger of asbestos. Breathing in this harmful substance has been linked to cancer, lung problems, mesothelioma, and much more. OSHA has released its Occupational Exposure to Asbestos guidelines to regulate the training of employees who might come in contact with asbestos on the job. These guidelines…

  • Caught-In or Between Hazards Training for Construction

    Caught-In or Between Hazards Training for Construction


    Your construction workers face several on the job hazards. An important one to teach them about is hazards on the job where they might be “Caught-In” or “Between” objects.  In fact, OSHA states these types of hazards are in the top four causes of Construction Worker on the job fatalities.  These types of injuries are…

  • Confined Space Training

    Confined Space Training – [Complete Safety Video Kit]


    This confined space training will teach your employees the ins and outs of the OSHA permit-required confined space Standard. As you know, working in confined spaces can be deadly if not handled properly. Hundreds of workers are killed yearly when a confined space situation goes wrong. That is why this confined space training program is so…

  • Back Safety in Construction Thumbnail

    Construction Back Safety Training – [Full Video Kit]


    Does your construction crew need training on how to protect their backs and prevent back injuries? If so, this Construction Worker Back Safety Training video is for you.  As you know, back injuries are one of the most common types of workplace injuries suffered by construction workers.  For that reason, give your crew the training…

  • GHS Safety Data Sheet Training for Construction

    Construction GHS Safety Data Sheets Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your construction crew needs training on Safety Data Sheets, and this course will give them the information they need.  GHS Safety Data Sheets are vitally important for construction workers to understand as they will help keep them safe while using chemicals at work.   This Construction Safety Data Sheet Training Covers: What is the “HAZCOM…

  • GHS Training for Construction Workers

    Construction GHS Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your construction crew needs training on GHS or the Globally Harmonized System.  They need to understand how to read chemical safety data sheets, how to use of and dispose of chemicals used on a construction site, and more.  This Construction Worker GHS Training will train your construction employees all about the GHS Standard. This Construction…

  • Construction housekeeping training thumbnail

    Construction Housekeeping Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you have construction workers on staff then you know they need training on construction site housekeeping. This is an important part of any construction safety training program because it teaches construction workers how to keep their area clean, tidy, and reduce the risks of injury due to bad housekeeping practices.  Our Construction Housekeeping Training…

  • PPE Safety Training for Construction Workers

    Construction PPE Training -[Complete Safety Video Kit]


    When you are in Construction you understand how important Personal Protective Equipment i(PPE) s when it comes to keeping your employees safe.  Personal Protective Equipment is one of the most effective tools we have to help keep construction crews accident and injury free.  That’s why this Construction PPE Training is so important. What This Construction PPE…

  • Safety Orientation Video for Construction Workers

    Construction Safety Orientation – [Full Video Training Kit]


    If you have Construction Workers on your crew that you know the value of safety training. On a construction site, hazards are everywhere, and maintaining OSHA compliance is a constant battle. That’s where this Construction Worker Safety Orientation Training comes in.  It covers the safety aspects of a construction environment and is a great training…

  • Slips Trips and Falls Training for Construction

    Construction Slips Trips and Falls Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your construction workers need training on how to prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls.  They need to understand how to navigate the construction site without tripping or falling and causing injuries to themselves. This Construction Worker Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention Training will teach your construction employees how to prevent slipping, tripping, and falling while at…

  • Ladder Safety Training for Construction

    Construction Training on Ladder Safety – [Complete Video Kit]


    Your Construction workers need training on how to safely use a ladder.  As you know, ladder accidents can and do happen. That’s why this Construction Specific Ladder Safety training was created. When used properly ladders can make our work day easier.  However, if a ladder is used improperly it could result in a fall from…

  • Construction Worker First Aid Training

    Construction Worker First Aid Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    In the construction industry, injuries can and will happen.  Giving your construction crew training on basic first aid can go a long way in keeping everyone on the crew safe and productive.  This Construction Worker First Aid Training Video will teach your crew the ins and outs of basic job site first aid protocol. The…

  • Construction Worker Hand and Power Tool Safety Training

    Construction Worker Hand and Power Tool Safety Training


    If you employ Construction Workers, then you know the importance of Hand and Power Tools when it comes to getting the job done.  But in the untrained hand, a power tool can cause potentially severe injuries. That is why this Construction Worker Hand and Power Tool Safety Training is so important.  It will teach your…

  • Fall Protection Training Video

    Fall Protection Training – [Complete Video Package]


    This Fall Protection Training will help employees stay safe while working at heights. As you may know, one of the largest occurrences of OSHA citations revolves around a lack of fall protection training. This safety training course will help you maintain compliance and hopefully reduce accidents and injuries. Each year, more than 20% of disabling…

  • Flagger Safety

    Flagger Safety – [Complete Video Training Package]


    UPDATED and More Comprehensive Video Can Be FOUND HERE This Flagger Safety Video Covers: New flaggers must be properly trained on their work responsibilities and safety requirements for preventing avoidable accidents. This Flagger Safety Training Video covers all areas of flagger safety in detail to get your new employees off to a good start, while…

  • GHS Container Label Training for Construction Workers

    GHS Container Label Training for Construction Workers – [Full Video Kit]


    Does your Construction Crew need training on GHS Container Labels? If so, then this training will get your construction workers up to speed on this important topic.  By training your Construction Workers on how to read and work with GHS Labels, you can ensure that your site is OSHA compliant and safe to work at….

  • Hand Wrist and Finger Safety in Construction

    Hand Wrist and Finger Safety in Construction


    Your construction workers do hard, strenuous work.  They also constantly use their hands and fingers to complete tasks.  For these reasons, specific safety training for construction workers on protecting their hands, wrists, and fingers is critical to reducing the number of accidents and injuries.  This Construction Worker Hand, Wrist, and Finger Safety Training will help…

  • Heat Stress Training for Construction Workers

    Heat Stress Training for Construction Workers


    Your construction workers need training on heat stress, and this complete kit covers your needs.  Construction workers operate in all types of weather, but heat is one where precautions are needed.  This Construction Worker Heat Stress training will teach your crew the ins and outs of heat-related illnesses and will help keep them from getting…

  • Lead Exposure in the Workplace Training

    Lead Awareness Training – [Complete Video Package]


    This Lead Awareness Training will help your employees understand how to deal with lead exposure in the workplace. The dangers of working around lead-containing products and materials are well-known and documented. This OSHA Lead Standard Training is designed to offer employees the training to handle these materials safely and operate in areas that might contain lead. Lead…

  • Machine Guard Safety Training

    Machine Guard Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Working with machinery can be hazardous, but using proper guards on those machines can help prevent accidents and injuries on the job. Sit down with your employees with this Machine Guard Safety Video and help teach them the importance of using the guards on their saws, machines, and other tools. This comprehensive video training course…

  • Safe Lifting Training for Construction Workers

    Safe Lifting Training for Construction Workers


    For construction employees, back injuries can not only cause considerable pain and potentially long recoveries, but they can also prove costly for both workers and their employers. Prevent your workers from being injured with this Lifting Safely in Construction Safety Video. It’s made to show your employees how the back functions, safe lifting techniques, and…

  • Silica Safety Training Video

    Silica Awareness Training – [Complete Video Course Kit]


    Looking for silica training for your workers? If your employees are exposed to silica in their work environment, you must train them on the OSHA Silica Standard. This silica safety training video will help educate your employees on the dangers of silica inhalation and exposure and how to protect themselves while at work. Whether they work…

  • Struck By Training for Construction Workers

    Struck By Training for Construction – [Complete Video Kit]


    If you are in the Construction Industry then you know the dangers that come your way on a daily basis.  One major hazard on job sites is being “Struck By” an object or piece of machinery. In fact, being “struck-by” an object is one of the “Fatal Four” hazards that leads to fatalities on a…

  • Supported Scaffolding Training

    Supported Scaffolding Training – [Complete Video Package]


    Working high off the ground can be a recipe for disaster. It’s no wonder that there are 10,000 scaffolding-related accidents each year. For this reason, OSHA has stringent training requirements to ensure that workers in charge of using these platforms are well-trained and informed.  Our OSHA Scaffolding Training course is designed to give employees an…

  • Suspended Scaffolding Safety Training

    Suspended Scaffolding Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    Do your employees use suspended scaffolding? If so, ten you need this Suspended Scaffolding Safety Training Program. Whenever you have employees working above ground, you have the potential for serious injury or worse. For this reason, OSHA has detailed training requirements for anyone who is responsible for working on, or around, suspended scaffolds on the…

  • Trenching and Shoring Safety Training

    Trenching and Shoring Safety Training


    This construction employee trenching and shoring safety training video will help keep your company OSHA compliant and your employees injury and accident-free. Employees who work in ditches, trenches, or other excavated sites face great danger. They might be the victim of a cave-in or collapse and be exposed to hazardous gases or other materials. An…

  • Work Zone Safety Training

    Work Zone Safety Training – [Complete Video Package]


    If you have employees who work on public streets, highways, country roads, or construction areas, then you need this Work Zone Safety Training Video. Whether patching potholes, maintaining bridges, repaving roads, or painting lines, your employees are in constant danger of cars, trucks, and pedestrians. Each year, hundreds of people lose their lives when a…


    Aerial Lift Training – [Complete Video Certification Kit]


    Are you responsible for overseeing aerial lift operations at your workplace? Do you worry about the well-being of your team members working at heights? Are you concerned with being current on your OSHA and ANSI training requirements? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you – our comprehensive Aerial Lift Safety Training Video….

  • Skid Steer Loader Safety Training Video

    Skid Steer Training Certification – [Complete Video Kit]


    If your employees use a skid steer loader or Bobcat on the job site, then you need this skid steer safety video. As you know, the skid steer is a very useful machine, but make no mistake, it can be dangerous. Like all heavy machinery, skid steer loaders operate in harsh conditions, and safety training…

  • Front end loader safety training video.

    Front End Loader Safety Training Video – [Complete Kit]


    If your employees use a front end loader then you need this safety training video to teach them how to operate it safely. This video will focus on the safe operation of the loader and will address proper loading, seat belt use, roll over protection, and the importance of center of gravity while operating the…

  • HAZCOM for Construction Workers Training

    HAZCOM for Construction – [Complete Video Training Kit]


    Hazard communication or HAZCOM, is a necessary piece of training for your construction crew.  They must be informed of and understand the chemicals and other substances they are working with. This HAZCOM Training for Construction video will help your company meet its OSHA training requirements and help your employees remain safe on the job. This…

  • Personal Protective Equipment Training Video

    PPE Training – [Full Video Kit on Personal Protective Equip]


    The OSHA Standard for Personal Protective Equipment is an important one to teach your employees the ins and outs of Personal Protective Equipment also knows as PPE. This PPE training video will teach your workers the importance of using proper Personal Protective Equipment while performing their daily job tasks. PPE is defined as anything you…

  • Scissor Lift Safety Training Program

    Scissor Lift Training – [Complete Safety Certification Video Kit]


    Using scissor lifts can make jobs easier and more efficient, allowing you to save time and money. But scissor lifts can also be dangerous, especially when employees are using them unsafely. This Scissor Lift Certification Training is designed to show employees how to use this important machine properly, safely, and without incident. What is Covered…

  • Electrocution Prevention Safety Training

    Electrocution Prevention Safety Training – [Complete Video Kit]


    If your employees work on or around electricity than you know how important proper electrical safety training is. This Electrocution Hazards Training Video will teach your employees all about electrical safety and the many dangers associated with electrical accidents, specifically with electrocution. What you may not know is that “electrocution” is the fourth leading cause…

  • Dump truck safety training video.

    Dump Truck Safety Training Video – [Complete Package]


    Those driving dump trucks having to pay special consideration to safety processes and procedures. This Dump Truck Safety Training Video will teach your employees the ins and outs of dump truck operation safety. The focus is on general safety, maintenance inspections, and loading/unloading safely while operating a dump truck.  Keeping your dump truck operators safe,…

  • Fire Prevention in the Construction Industry

    Fire Prevention in the Construction Industry


    Fires bring with them not only the potential for serious injury, or even death, but they also cause millions in property damage each year. Help prevent fires on the job with this Fire Prevention for Construction Safety Video. It covers the basics of fire safety, making it a great introductory course for new workers, as…


    Backhoe Operator Safety Training Video – [Complete Kit]


    There are the risks of accidents or injuries with any piece of machinery, and the backhoe isn’t any different. Give your heavy equipment operator employees the training they need for success with this Backhoe Safety Training Video. It features all the information your employees need for safely operating and handling a backhoe on the job….

  • Boom Truck Safety Training

    Boom Truck Safety Training


    Need a safety training video for your employees who use a truck mounted, articulating boom crane? If so, then this boom truck safety video is for you! Topics that will be covered during this training include how to review the boom crane operator’s manual, a discussion of the importance of reviewing the crane load chart,…

  • Hearing Conservation and Safety

    Hearing Conservation and Safety – [Video Training Package]


    If your employees need training to help them protect their hearing then this Hearing Conservation and Safety Training Video will help get them the information they need. As you know, OSHA has very strict requirements in place to help protect employees and their hearing. We offer this training video which will help show your employees…

  • Respirators and Respiratory Protection Training

    Respirator Training Course- [Complete Video Training Kit]


    If your employees need or use respirators while on the job, then you need to make sure they have the proper training on how to select them, use them, and care for them. OSHA has very strict guidelines on respirators and mandates a respiratory protection program be in place for those employees who use respirators….

  • Construction Worker Eye Safety Training

    Construction Worker Eye Safety Training – [Full Video Kit]


    If you are in the construction industry, then you know your construction crew needs training on how to prevent eye injuries. Whether it’s dust, rocks, nails, or something worse, the potential for eye injuries exists on every construction site.  That’s why this Construction Worker Eye Safety Training program is so important. It will teach your…

  • Asbestos Cement Pipe Safety Training

    Asbestos Cement Pipe Safety Training


    If you are looking for our general asbestos awareness training click here. This training video is meant to help those workers who deal with cement pipes that contain asbestos remain safe while working with these pipes. This training discusses the asbestos latency period, asbestosis, and the process of mesothelioma. AC pipe is a potentially dangerous…

  • Safe use of Grinders and Abrasive Wheels

    Safe use of Grinders and Abrasive Wheels


    Using grinders and cutting or abrasive wheels can be dangerous work if the operator is not careful. Make sure your workers have the training and information they need with this Grinder and Abrasive Wheel Safety Training Video. It features valuable information on using grinders and cutting wheels safely, wearing protection for the eyes and ears,…

  • Compressed Air Safety Training

    Compressed Air Safety Training


    The Compressed Air Safety Training video discusses the benefits of working with compressed air tools and equipment while emphasizing the importance of safety measures. The compressed Air Safety Training Video Covers the Following Key Concepts: Compressed air tools are versatile and offer a wide range of applications. Safety is crucial, as compressed air can pose…

  • Portable Generator Safety Training

    Portable Generator Safety Training


    Portable generators can be a lifesaver on job sites when power is lost or unavailable but that doesn’t mean their use isn’t without risks. Carbon monoxide emissions and handling dangerous fuels are both hazards your workers will face when using this useful machine, so proper safety training is necessity. This Portable Generator Safety Training Video…

  • Powder Actuated Tool Safety - Including Ramset Guns and Nail Guns

    Powder Actuated Tool Safety – Including Ramset Guns and Nail Guns


    Powder actuated tools and nail guns are powerful and efficient, helping your company save time and money getting jobs done. But Ramset tools can also be dangerous when not used correctly, so proper training in their use is vital for keeping employees safe. This Powder Actuated Tool Safety Training Video is designed to train workers…

  • man using table saw

    Table Saw and Radial Saw Safety Video


    Many industries use table and radial arm saws in their daily operations. This important table saw safety training video will show your employee’s the importance of using their saws safely. Kick back, eye protection, hearing protection, and machine guarding are discussed in this brief 5 minute video. Give your employees who use saws the safety…

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