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Chemical Spill Safety Training Video and DVD Flammable Liquids Training Video and DVD Bonding and Grounding Training Video and DVD
Sometimes chemical spills happen. Are you and your employees prepared to keep them from turning into a potentially dangerous situation? This Chemical Spill Safety Training Video is designed to offer a in depth overview to chemical spill cleanup. The video covers the basics of cleanup procedure, equipment used for hazardous materials, and ways to keep everyone safe during the cleanup process. It's a must see for any organization where chemicals and other potentially dangerous materials are used at the job site. This video is available on both DVD and VHS tape, and it comes in English and Spanish language options. Use as part of your chemicals training for new employees, or as a refresher for seasoned workers.

Flammable liquids are often necessary in day to day operations within many industries. They can be a useful part of your job, but they can also present special risks and dangers to both employees and property. This Handling Flammable Liquids Video is designed to teach your workers how to handle, store, and transport flammable materials effectively and with safety in mind. Use it as part of your new employee training, or to keep your existing team up to date and focused on safety. This video conveniently comes on both DVD and VHS tape, and is available in English and Spanish language options and is 10 minutes long.

Working with flammable liquids requires a special level of consideration and attention to detail. Static electricity can lead to explosions, which are a real threat to personnel and property. This Bonding and Grounding of Flammables Safety Video is designed to help teach your employees how to prevent the buildup of static electricity to prevent disasters like explosions. This video is ideal for new and existing employees, and it comes conveniently on DVD and VHS tape, as well as in English and Spanish language options. Use it as part of your comprehensive training course, or as a refresher course. The video run time is 9 minutes.

Hazardous gas training video and DVD Hazardous materials training video Workplace Lead Safety Training Video and DVD
Those who are duties with finding hazardous gases need to take special precautions to maintain safe on the job. This Hazardous Gas Safety Training Video is designed to teach basic safety procedures and awareness for those who test for hazardous gases in confined spaces, trenching operations and other locations. It's a great starter course for those who are just getting started on the job, or for those who could use a little refresher course. This video comes in both English and Spanish language options as well as on DVD and VHS tape.

This safety training video is an excellent program to meet hazard communication or HAZCOM training requirements by training employees in chemical safety, labeling, and material safety data sheets. Available as a DVD this training video is 10 minutes in length.

The hazards of working around lead have long been documented. Those who work in construction and other industries where exposure is frequent are an increased risk of being harmed if safety precautions are not taken. This Lead in the Workplace Training Video is designed to educate employees on the dangers of lead, while offering practical tips on avoiding lead exposure, proper safety equipment, and more. The video is ideal for new employees who are just learning the ropes as well as for seasoned professionals who need a little reminder. This video is conveniently available on both DVD and VHS tape, and you can order it in English or Spanish languages.

Load of crystalline sylica being moved by a worker Materials Handling Training Video and DVD Eye Wash Station Training Video and DVD
Looking for a silica training video for your workers? If your employees are exposed to silica in their work environment than you need to train them on the OSHA Silica Standard. This silica safety training video will help educate your employees on the dangers of silica inhalation and exposure, and how to protect themselves while at work.

This silica training video will discuss several important topics including:

  • What is crystalline silica?
  • What is silica dust and why do workers need to protect themselves from inhaling it?
  • Where is silica commonly found?
  • What are the dangers of respirable silica?
  • What is silicosis and what are the symptoms of the disease?
  • How to determine how much silica exposure is on the job site?
  • What is the OSHA "maximum daily limit" for exposure to silica dust?
  • What to do if the silica dust in the workplace exceeds the OSHA Permissible Exposure Limit or PEL?
  • How to create a control system to reduce exposure to silica dust
  • How to use "Table 1" of the OSHA Construction Standards for an alternative approach to protecting workers from respirable crystalline silica
  • What is a silica "Exposure Control Plan" and how to implement one at your facility
  • What are engineering controls and administrative controls that can be used to reduce silica exposure?
  • What Personal Protective Equipment or PPE is available to protect from silica exposure?
  • How to use and inspect respirators in order to reduce silica exposure
  • What is the OSHA requirement for Medical Surveillance when it comes to silica on the job?
  • What are the required records employers will need to keep as part of their silica control plan?
  • and much more...
If your workers are in any way exposed to silica while they work than this silica training video is a good complement to your existing general safety program. It will teach workers all about the OSHA Silica Standard, and more importantly, how to protective themselves while doing their jobs. At just over 16 minutes in length, this Silica Safety Training Video is available in English or Spanish and in either DVD or USB Stick format.

A Full-Length Preview Can Be Viewed Below:

This silica training will help employers with the training requirements for the OSHA Respirable Crystalline Silica in Construction Standard, 29 CFR 1926.1153
Most workers don't give materials handling much thought, but mishandling of materials leads to thousands of injuries each year. This Materials Handling Safety Video is designed to teach your worker how to avoid injuries while on the job. Viewers of this video will learn how to handle a range of materials, using common equipment like pallets and hand trucks, ergonomic considerations for lifting heavy items, and much more. You get everything you need for an in depth course on material handling, including your choice of DVD or VHS tape, 30 information filled employee booklets, 5 motivational posters and materials to make training easier. Choose from English and Spanish language options. This materials handling safety training video is your key to reducing injuries among those workers who carry the load for your business or organization.

Even the most diligent employees can sometimes have an accident on the job. When these occurrences involve hazardous chemicals, safety showers and eyewash stations can mean the difference between minor mishap and serious injury. This Safety Showers and Eye Washes Video Training Kit will teach your workers how to properly use safety showers, as well as inform them of when they should be used. Viewers of this video will get an in depth look at how safety showers and eye washes are performed, as well as receive additional information on first aid should something splash in their eyes while working. When an accident happens, fast action is vital for preventing serious injury or even death. This video training course on safety showers and eyewash stations will ensure your personnel are prepared. Comes on both DVD and VHS tape, and the kit includes trainer materials, 5 motivational posters, and 30 employee booklets.

Hazardous Spills Training Video and DVD
Spills are bound to occur when working around chemicals and other hazardous materials even in the safest of environments. How you deal with them can have a major impact on whether they are a minor inconvenience, or a major disaster. Hazardous chemicals can lead to property damage, injuries, and even death in some cases of inhalation of poisonous fumes. Get your employees the training they need with this Dealing with Hazardous Spills Video Training Kit. The included training video will teach your workers how to handle spills, common causes of spills, and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. This video training package comes with a DVD or VHS tape, 30 employee booklets, 5 motivational posters, and other trainer materials. You can  also choose from English and Spanish language options. If you need to properly train your employees on dealing with hazardous spills then this training video is for you.