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Machine Guard Safety Training
Training employees on the importance of machine guards then this is the video for you
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Machine Guard Training Video

Working with machinery can be hazardous, but using proper guards on those machines can help prevent accidents and injuries on the job. Sit down with your employees with this Machine Guard Safety Video and help teach them the importance of using the guards on their saws, machines, and other tools.

This comprehensive video training course offers in depth information on using various types of machine guards, how they are used, how they work, and why they are so important. The video covers several key areas:
  • How many accidents or injuries occur each year when it comes to machine related incidents? (Answer, more than 15,000 a good portion of which could have been prevented if proper machine guarding was in place)
  • What are the hazards associated with NOT using machine guards? (Amputations, lacerations, crushing injuries, as well as fatalities)
  • What specific items do machine guard keep you safe from? (sparks, flying particles, kickbacks, and more)
  • What is "articulated motion" and why is it dangerous when operating a machine?
  • What three areas of a machine can create potential hazards?
    1. Within the "drive train" which is the moving part that powers the machine
    2. At the machines "perimeter" which is the area around the machine where a worker could be injured by things like flying debris and swinging parts
    3. At the "point of operation" which is where the machine's mechanical energy is used to move, cut, bend or process the material
    What are the different types of machine guard used?
    1. Fixed guards (the oldest and simplest type of guards which include wire cages, plastic shields, metal covers, etc)
    2. Interlock guards (often use an electronic sensor that will not allow a machine to operate unless the guard is in position)
    3. Light curtains (Uses beams of light to create an invisible barrier around the machine which prevents the machine from being used if the light curtain is broken)
    4. Pressure- Sensing guards (for example, pressure sensitive mats which prevents the machine from operating if there is weight on the mat)
    5. Restrain and pull-back devices (these prevent a worker from being able to reach the point of operation of the machine)
  • Can machine guards prevent all accidents? The answer is "no." The key taught in this training is that no machine guard is full proof, and that is why safety work practices must be followed at all times IN ADDITION TO any machine guarding.
  • and much more...
Available as an English or Spanish speaking DVD or USB stick, the runtime on this training video is 16 minutes.

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91-V3619-ENG-DVD Machine Guard Safety Training - English - DVD
91-V3619-ENG-USB Machine Guard Safety Training - English - USB Stick
91-V3619-SPN-DVD Machine Guard Safety Training - Spanish - DVD
91-V3619-SPN-USB Machine Guard Safety Training - Spanish - USB Stick
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What's Included In The Box?:
  • All of our training videos include a separate disc that contains the following additional resources:

    1) A Leader's Guide that the instructor can use to help facilitate the training and provide additional verbal support to the video. It also includes a sample outline for the training session including an agenda

    2) An employee quiz on the material that was taught in the video

    3) Answer key to the quiz

    4) An attendance sheet to keep track of who was trained, when the training occurred, who was the instructor, etc. This allows you to keep a record of your training session.

    5) A printable "Certificate of Completion" that you can give to each employee who attends the safety training session

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