H2S Training – [Hydrogen Sulfide Certification Video Kit]


If your employees need H2S training then this video course is for you! If you work around hydrogen sulfide (also known as H2S), then you know the risks involved with this deadly gas.  This colorless gas is well-known for it’s “rotten egg” smell. As you know, the main hazard for workers is inhalation which can not only cause sickness, but can also cause death.  Other known H2S related symptoms are fatigue, eye irritation, coughing, nausea, drowsiness, headache and much more. All of these potential dangers to your employees is why certification training on H2S is so critical – both for your employee’s safety as well as OSHA compliance.

This H2S Training Videos Discusses Several Key Areas of Hydrogen Sulfide Safety:

  • What is hydrogen sulfide and where can it be found? (Occurs naturally in many environments including natural gas, crude petroleum, and hot springs)
  • Why is H2S harmful to employees and what are the symptoms and dangers of this gas? What happens in a case of hydrogen sulfide exposure?
  • Where can you find the substance in your workplace? (Oil and gas workers and utility and sewer workers encounter this often)
  • Is the hydrogen sulfide gas flammable and how can workers protect themselves from exposure? (Highly flammable)
  • What are some industries that hyrdogen sulfide is common? (Food processing, tanneries, refineries, wastewater treatment, agriculture, textile manufacturing, pulp and paper processing, mining, oil and gas industry, and many others)
  • What factors affect how dangerous an H2S exposure will have on an employee? (duration or length of time exposed, frequency or how often the person was exposed, intensity or how high the concentration of hydrogen sulfide is, and the employees underlying conditions, if any, such as asthma, past exposure, etc)
  • What are the ways that you and your employee can prevent and respond to a potential exposure?
  • What are the potential exposure controls that can be put in place?

Hydrogen Sulfide Training Additional Topics Covered:

  • What are some other names that are commonly used to refer to hydrogen sulfide? (Sewer gas, swamp gas, sour damp, stink damp, and most commonly H2S)
  • Hydrogen sulfide is heavier in air but why does this matter? (Because it can concentrate in low lying areas very easily such as sewers, underground utility shafts and manholes).  For these reasons confined space training in many industries should also include H2S)
  • Does the gas cause loss of smell?  (Yes, which is another reason it is so dangerous because the rotten egg smell diminishes but the toxicity of the gas does not)
  • Are there long term effects from H2S exposure?
  • The importance of proper respiratory protection training and other Personal Protective Equipment  training and use protocols
  • How to test and measure the concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air?
  • The importance of using exhaust and ventilation systems
  • How to establish proper rescue procedures and information on safety lines, SCBA gear, and more
  • Best practices and other h2s safety tips when exposure to this gas it possible
  • The specifics necessary in any H2S related Emergency Action Plan
  • and much more

Given the dangers of hydrogen sulfide, getting your employees the effective training that they need is critical.  This H2S certification training video will help your employees be aware of the safety protocols if this deadly gas is present in their workplace.  Available as an English speaking DVD or USB stick.

H2S Training Video – Full Length Preview:

All of our training videos include the following additional resources:

1) A Leader’s Guide

The person giving the training can use the Guide to help facilitate the training and provide additional verbal support to the video. It also includes a sample outline for the training session along with the highlights of the course.

2) An Employee Quiz

Important to be able to test your trainees to make sure they understand and comprehend the training course they just watched.  This is also good for employer documentation for safety training of employees.

3) Answer Key to the Quiz

Ensures the questions are being answered correctly.

4) An Attendance Sheet

Allows you to keep track of who was trained, when the training occurred, who was the instructor, etc. Excellent documentation to prove your training requirements are in order.

5) A Printable “Certificate of Completion”

Allows you to give one to each employee who attends the safety training session.  Can also be kept in an employee file for training documentation.

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H2S Training - [Hydrogen Sulfide Certification Video Kit] H2S Training - [Hydrogen Sulfide Certification Video Kit]
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