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This arc flash training video will help keep your employees who work around electricity safe on the job. Arc hazards present a real and potentially fatal threat to employees working around electricity, which is why this arc flash training course is so important. Arc flash danger has led to the development of the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA 70E standards, which OSHA has adopted as the set standard for all workers who perform their jobs around energy.

This Arc Flash Safety Training video will keep your employees compliant while helping prevent devastating accidents and injuries related to arc flashes.

Key Concepts Covered in This Arc Flash Training Program:

  • What is the difference between an arc flash and an electrical shock?

  • Why is it important to inspect tools and extension cords before plugging them in?
  • What is an arc flash? (When electricity “jumps” through the air from contact to contact or from contact to ground)
  • What is NFPA 70e, and why is it important to help protect workers and electrical equipment and provide the basis for any workplace electrical safety program?
  • What is an arc flash burn, and how can it be prevented?
  • What should you do in case of an arc flash accident?
  • What is an arc flash hazard analysis?
  • Why should you never remove the ground plug from a 3-prong plug?
  • Using a metal ladder versus using fiberglass or wooden ladders, which don’t conduct electricity
  • Where do most arc flash injuries occur?
  • What are the leading causes of arc flash accidents, and how can they be avoided?
  • What is an arc blast, and how is it different from an arc flash?

More Topics Covered in This Arc Flash Training Course:

  • What are the key components and best practices of any electrical safety programs or electrical safety training done by your company?
  • What are the dangers of an employee getting hit with an arc blast? (Blindness, burns, hearing loss and more)
  • What is arc-rated protective clothing, and when should these be used?
  • How does an employee calculate the arc rating of a job they are working on in order to select the proper clothes, gloves, safety glasses, etc?
  • What types of personal protective equipment or PPE should be used to prevent arc flash injuries and accidents?
  • What are the arc flash hazards and NFPA guidelines that you and your employees need to understand?
  • Why is it important to de-energize and lockout and tagout equipment before you work on it?
  • How to create an “electrically safe working condition” by creating an “arc flash boundary.”
  • What is the role of authorized versus affected employees when it comes to electrical work?
  • How to clearly label and set up an arc flash boundary
  • and much more…

Keeping your employees safe from arc flash dangers will go a long way in keeping them safe and protecting your bottom line. Occupational safety and regulatory compliance help both the employer and employee alike. Making this arc flash training video part of your electrical safety training program will help you maintain OSHA compliance and keep your employees safe, healthy, and happy.

This arc flash training video is 16 minutes long and available in English or Spanish. It is also available in a DVD or USB Stick format. We can also deliver this arc flash training online as a standalone training course or as part of a larger online safety training library.

This Complete Arc Flash Safety Training Program Includes These Items:

  • Full-length Arc Flash Safety Training Video
  • Employee quiz and answer sheet
  • A “Presenter’s Guide” if you are going to do this training in person
  • A printable training sign-in sheet to keep track of your training program
  • A printable Certificate of Completion. You can print as many copies of the Certificate as you need

Arc Flash Training Video – Full Length Preview:

FAQs on Arc Flash Training

Answered by our in-house OSHA Authorized Trainer – Jason Hessom

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Warning SIgn for Arc Flash Hazard
Who can perform an arc flash study?

Not just anyone can complete an arc flash study. Usually, the best choice is an experienced and skilled electrical engineer familiar with the ins and outs of IEEE 1584 and NFPA 70E.

How often must rubber-insulating gloves be tested?

According to OSHA, rubber-insulating gloves must be inspected when issued and every six months thereafter. However, OSHA’s eTool states that a monthly inspection is the best practice. Glove testing is an important part of any electrical safety program.

How often is arc flash training required?

The training is required to be completed every three years. However, problems discovered during an annual audit or when new equipment is added require immediate refresher training. Retraining should also occur if an employee’s job duties change.

Can an unqualified person cross the arc flash boundary?

Per OSHA Standards, an unqualified worker is prohibited from crossing an arc flash boundary. Arc flash boundaries protect those employees who don’t have the proper training or credentials to work in these areas.

What are the different Personal Protective Equipment categories for arc flash PPE?

Category 1 – Minimum Arc Rating 4 cal/cm2
Category 2 – Minimum Arc Rating 8 cal/cm2
Category 3 – Minimum Arc Rating 25 cal/cm2
Category 4 – Minimum Arc Rating 40 cal/cm2

How does OSHA define a Qualified Person?

Qualified employees are allowed to work on or around energized parts. Therefore, they must have the electrical skills, knowledge, and experience to work with electrical hazards and potential arc flash hazards. They should be well versed in the regulations found in NFPA 70E, OSHA regulations, and IEEE 1584.

What is an arc flash analysis?

An arc flash analysis can also be called an arc flash study or arc flash risk assessment. These aim to evaluate the risk of an arc flash incident, determine the amount of energy the employee might be exposed to, and analyze how to protect the employee in case of a serious injury.

Which occupations should undergo arc flash training?

Arc flash courses can benefit any employee who works with or around electricity. Some common occupations that require training include electricians, linemen, HVAC installers, construction workers, maintenance workers, electrical engineers, janitorial staff, and others.

All of our training videos include the following additional resources:

1) A Leader’s Guide

The person giving the training can use the Guide to help facilitate the training and provide additional verbal support to the video. It also includes a sample outline for the training session along with the highlights of the course.

2) An Employee Quiz

Important to be able to test your trainees to make sure they understand and comprehend the training course they just watched.  This is also good for employer documentation for safety training of employees.

3) Answer Key to the Quiz

Ensures the questions are being answered correctly.

4) An Attendance Sheet

Allows you to keep track of who was trained, when the training occurred, who was the instructor, etc. Excellent documentation to prove your training requirements are in order.

5) A Printable “Certificate of Completion”

Allows you to give one to each employee who attends the safety training session.  Can also be kept in an employee file for training documentation.

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