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Need training videos on the new GHS standard from OSHA? We've got them here! The following are training videos on the Globally Harmonized System that are meant to fulfill your employee training requirement from OSHA.
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GHS Safety Training Video and DVD
GHS Safety Training Video

This GHS training video explains to the viewer the new OSHA standard on Hazard Communications which is called The Globally Harmonized System. This new training is meant to teach employees how to label and classify chemicals that are used in the workplace. The training is meant as a complement to your current HAZCOM program and explains the integration between the old and the new standards. The video discusses the difference between the old Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and the new Safety Data Sheet (SDS) system. Other topics included in this training are pictograms, types of hazards, and much more. This training product also includes an instructor leader's guide to training of this topic, a test that is complete with an answer guide, and a powerpoint presentation. The video is 20 minutes in length and is available in English and Spanish language and DVD or VHS formats.

GHS compliance training video and DVD
GHS HAZCOM Compliance Video

This training video will explain how to comply with the new OSHA standard for hazard communication which is called GHS or The Globally Harmonized System. The video covers what the changes to HAZCOM are, it explains what the different hazard classifications are, and gives details on the new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) which replace the old MSDS or Material Safety Data Sheets. This training goes into detail about the three separate changes to the new OSHA GHS Standard. These are: hazard classifications, labels, and safety data sheets. The video further details the use of pictograms in the GHS standard. When you purchase this product you will not only receive the training video but also a trainer's guide, an employee quiz complete with questions and answers, as well as a PowerPoint presentation. The video is 15 minutes long and is available in an English or Spanish language version and in DVD or VHS format.

All employers in the United States must train their employees on the new GHS standard by December of 2013. What is the GHS? It stands for The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This is the new OSHA standard and is meant to replace the older Hazard Communications standard that was in place previously. Further, the new Safety Data Sheets (SDS) replace the older Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and all employees need to be trained on this standard right away.