Sexual Harassment Investigation Training – [Complete Video Kit]


Do your managers or supervisors know what to do when a sexual harassment allegation is made? Does your Human Resources staff understand how to perform a sexual harassment investigation? This sexual harassment investigation training video will help guide you and your employees through a sexual harassment claim or allegation. 

As an employer, it is your duty and responsibility to investigate any sexual harassment claim by one of your employees. Your goal is to begin your investigation promptly, follow your company’s policy, and conduct your investigation systematically to reach a fair resolution.  This Sexual Harassment Investigation Training can help your staff handle this sensitive situation correctly.

This Sexual Harassment Investigation Training will help prepare you by:

  • Giving you guidance on how to conduct the sexual harassment investigation
  • How to protect the privacy of those involved and keep all information confidential
  • How to use discretion when asking questions from the person reporting the sexual harassment as well as any witnesses that are interviewed as part of the investigation
  • How to remain impartial and not jump to conclusions
  • What are some examples of sexual harassment or sexually harassing behaviors by an employee?

More Topics Covered in This Sexual Harassment Investigation Training:

  • How to handle an employee’s emotions during the investigation process (this is often very difficult and those conducting the investigation must be trained properly)
  • How to create your own “paper trail” and provide proper documentation of the allegation
  • How does the Company’s sexual harassment policy fit into the investigation?
  • The importance of both employee sexual harassment training and Management training on sexual harassment.
  • What information should every sexual harassment investigation include? (The date and time of the alleged incident, who specifically was involved, the names of any witnesses, exactly what happened and what was said, and why the person making the report feels that the situation was sexual harassment)

What Information Do Sexual Harassment Investigation Personnel Need to Know?:

  • What are the legal and ethical responsibilities of the employer who is investigating a claim of sexual harassment? (The employee needs to start an investigation immediately following the allegation; they need to determine if company policy was breached and conduct the investigation systematically to reach a fair resolution of the sexual harassment allegation).  Of course, all of this requires the training of the personnel conducting the investigation.
  • How to interview witnesses, document facts, and take statements from those involved in a sexual harassment allegation.
  • How to use discretion when conducting a sexual harassment investigation
  • It is important to train investigators not to “jump to conclusions” when conducting their investigation and instead systematically work their way through the investigation while questioning witnesses and documenting their findings.
  • What to do when the alleged victim and the person they allege sexually harassed them differ in their explanation of what happened? (this is very common in a sexual harassment investigation)
  • What to tell a witness to the alleged sexual harassment when they are reluctant to “get involved.”
  • and much more…

If and when you have a workplace sexual harassment allegation, you want to be sure you are ready to address it appropriately. This sexual harassment investigation training video helps prepare your staff for such an occasion. Your staff needs to be prepared if and when one of your employees reports a sexual harassment issue, and this training will help them through this very tricky process.

This investigation training video on sexual harassment claims is 14 minutes long and is available as a DVD or USB Stick, and in English or Spanish language. It is also available as part of our online training program if you prefer that option.

This Complete Investigation Training Program on Sexual Harassment Includes These Items:

  • Full-length Sexual Harassment Investigation training video
  • Employee quiz and answer sheet
  • A “Presenter’s Guide” if you are going to do this training in person
  • A printable training sign-in sheet to keep track of your training program
  • A printable Certificate of Completion. You can print as many copies of the Certificate as you need

Sexual Harassment Investigations Training Full-Length Video Preview:

All of our training videos include the following additional resources:

1) A Leader’s Guide

The person giving the training can use the Guide to help facilitate the training and provide additional verbal support to the video. It also includes a sample outline for the training session along with the highlights of the course.

2) An Employee Quiz

Important to be able to test your trainees to make sure they understand and comprehend the training course they just watched.  This is also good for employer documentation for safety training of employees.

3) Answer Key to the Quiz

Ensures the questions are being answered correctly.

4) An Attendance Sheet

Allows you to keep track of who was trained, when the training occurred, who was the instructor, etc. Excellent documentation to prove your training requirements are in order.

5) A Printable “Certificate of Completion”

Allows you to give one to each employee who attends the safety training session.  Can also be kept in an employee file for training documentation.

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