Complete Package of Safety Powerpoint Presentations (All 10)

$599.00 $599.00

If you need training on a variety of subjects, or if you are looking to make an investment for a year’s worth of training, this is a great option. With this product, we include all 10 of our safety Powerpoint presentation decks so you will receive the following:

Employee Safety Orientation Powerpoint
Ladder Safety Powerpoint
Fire Extinguisher Powerpoint
Eye Safety and Protection Powerpoint
Back Safety Powerpoint
Lockout Tagout Training Powerpoint
Forklift Training Powerpoint
Hand and Power Tool Safety Training Powerpoint
Electrical Safety Training Powerpoint
Driver Safety Training Powerpoint

These 10 professionally developed Powerpoint presentations can fill a whole year of safety meetings. Packed with relevant information, these products can be completely edited and customized by you. Feel free to add your company logo, add company specific information related to your company, or delete information that is not relevant. A very flexible option that you can use to deliver safety training to your employees.

Sold individually this package would cost $670.00, but sold as a package the price is reduced to $599.00.

Upon purchase, we will email you the presentations so you can begin using them right away!