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Are you looking for a safety DVD that will really hit home with your workers?
The Remember Charlie Safety Video is it.

This hard hitting video explores the life and the workplace injury of Charlie Morecraft, a refinery worker who nearly lost his life in a refinery explosion. Your employees will see how he went from refinery worker to keynote speaker in safety related issues. If you have ever heard Charlie Morecraft speak well then you know how his safety message has touched the world.

Charlie Morecraft was an average worker until one careless mistake led to a refinery explosion that nearly cost him his life. Severe injuries and five years in and out of the hospital caused him tremendous pain, and eventually cost him his job and his family. Before the injury happened Charlie had the same mindset of many employees today: that bad things, like work related injuries, only happen to other people. Today, Charlie is on a mission to educate workers on the importance of following safety protocol to prevent tragedy from striking again. Charlie hits the message hard that following the company safety protocol is just the right thing to do.

Do your workers need an in your face video to get through to them? The Remember Charlie DVD shows an up close and personal look at what can happen when safety measures aren’t taken. It only takes one careless action to lead to disaster. Remember Charlie will have your workers on the edge of their seats, while sending them a can’t-be-ignored message on the importance of safety procedures. It’s a must see for any organization where accidents are a potential threat. This is the best selling safety training video of all time for good reason. It works with employees, they remember it, and they work more safely after watching this video.

Available as a DVD or can also be delivered on a USB Stick!!



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