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Electrical Safety Tips

Just about every homeowner will at one point or another need some type of electrical work completed in their home. However, the one problem that exists is that people try to do this on their own when they really have no idea as to what they are doing. This is why there are so many accidents related to electricity and why electrical safety training is so important.

Those who try to work on their electrical problem and suffer an accident could suffer a heart attack, stroke, death, severe burns and the like. In any situation, the person will not come out of the accident without some type of problem. This is why it is best for those who have no idea about electricity to ensure they get a professional to handle their problem.

Despite this advice, there are going to be those who attempt to do their electrical work on their own. For those who do this, they are going to want to ensure that they are keeping in mind a few tips. These tips could be the one way in which your life is saved, thus a person needs to ensure they read these thoroughly and have a good understanding of just what they are getting themselves into.

1. Always assume a wire is hot. Many accidents occur that are related to electrical issues due to someone thinking that all the power is shut off from where they are working. This is a huge issue and one in which professionals even make from time to time. Always assume the wire is hot to avoid electrocution. If you keep this tip in mind, you greatly reduce your chances of being electrocuted.

2. Before working on a wire be sure to test this. There are testers on the market that you can purchase which will test whether a wire is hot or not. These are great investments since it could mean saving your life.

3. Always shut off breakers for the entire room that you are working in. Many people make the mistake of just turning off the breaker in which they think the problem is at and then working on the problem. This can be an issue as many times rooms that have any power into them while working can be a hazard.

4. When you work with electricity be sure to have on shoes and gloves that are going to be your ground. In the off chance that you do get shocked, having these ground shoes and gloves on could save your life.

5. The tools that you use should not have metal handles as metal is a conduit of electricity. There have been times in which a person has gotten electrocuted because they were not using a tool that had the right types of handles.

6. Never work on electricity in an area that is wet or damp. Any wetness or dampness increases the likelihood of getting shocked. These are six tips that are meant to help when you are working on electricity. However, it is just as important to remember electrical safety while in your homes.

Though you may not work on the electricity within your home, you are dealing with electricity on a daily basis. The lights, the appliances and everything we use relies on power in order to function. With this being known, a few tips follow that are meant to help decrease the chances of having electrical problems in the home that can cause fires that can lead to rebuilding a home, or in the worse case scenarios killing those who live in the home.

1. Do not use any type of electricity near your bathtub, kitchen and bathroom sink or any other place that sees a lot of water. This is why many people do not have power outlets near their bath tubs as plugging items into these areas can cause sparks if the water has splashed into the outlet.

2. Unplug devices you are done using these such as hair dryers, cell phones or the like. The more that is plugged into outlets increases the chances of having something catch fire.

3. Check your appliances on a regular basis to ensure that the outlet is not becoming weak and that the appliances are not causing an overload on the breaker, which can lead to power shut offs and even potential fire hazards.

4. During the Christmas season make sure that you do not leave your tree lights on when you are not home as these can overheat and cause a fire. These fires rage rather fast since they can ignite the tree within minutes and quickly spread throughout the home.

5. For those with small children in the home, be sure that you are using outlet covers in order to make sure the kids are not sticking objects into the outlet. Sticking objects into an outlet can cause a massive electric shock to the person who does this.

6. Never block an outlet that is being used with objects, as this can increase the chances of sparks flying and catching fire to things around it. Never assume that something is safely plugged into an outlet at any time, always double check to make sure that the outlet is appropriate. If you ever have questions about whether the electricity within your home or business is safe, a qualified electrician can come out and evaluate your situation to give you peace of mind. It is always imperative that any home has up to date wiring as out of date wiring is a huge issue that can cause fires.

Electricity is not something in which you want to mess with as this has been the causes of death for many people. If there is a problem, it is always best to get a professional to handle this. You also need to ensure that everyone knows basic electricity rules that are meant to keep you safe, such as unplugging devices not in use, turning off lights and the like. Those who pay attention and respect electricity are those who are less likely to get electrocuted with this. Electricity is great, but it does have its dangers.