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These hotel and motel focused safety training videos aim to reduce injuries for our employees in the hospitality industry. We offer hotel safety training videos for housekeepers, restaurant workers, golf course employees, and much more. Keeping your guests happy and your employees safe are the hallmarks of the hotel industry and these videos will help you reduce accidents and injuries among your staff.

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  • Bed Bug Training Video

    Bed Bug Training Video


    This training video on bug bugs shows your trainees how to spot bed bugs, what happens when the bugs attack, and how to eliminate them. Since hotels, motels and other places have a high number of beds the problem of infestation is real. In fact, the largest bedbug outbreaks since World War II is actually…

  • Golf Cart Safety

    Golf Cart Safety


    Need a video for golf cart safety training? If you need to train your employees on golf cart safety then this training course is for you! You might not realize how dangerous the simple golf cart can be. In fact, it’s one of the most neglected forms of vehicle when it comes to safety training….




    Golf course workers face a specific set of safety challenges. Help your employees meet them head on with this Golf Course Employee Safety Video. It covers everything basic in safety information in regards to working with equipment, wearing proper safety gear, personal protective equipment, working with golf course machinery and equipment, and working around potentially…

  • EMPLOYEE SAFETY ORIENTATION for Hotel or Motel Employees

    Hotel Back Injury Prevention – Lifting Safely


    If you need to train your hotel employees on how to prevent back injuries then this training video is for you! Back injuries are among the most common, and the most costly, injuries found in a hotel setting. Luckily, back injuries can be prevented, and this Hotel Back Injury Prevention Training Video is the tool…

  • EMPLOYEE SAFETY ORIENTATION for Hotel or Motel Employees

    Hotel Employee Safety Orientation Video


    There are specific safety measures which must be taken for motel and hotel workers. This Hotel Safety Orientation Training video is designed to give your employees the skills and information they need to stay safe on the job. It goes over important details like hotel fire protection, chemicals used in housekeeping, back injury prevention, personal…

  • Landscape Maintenance for Landscaping Industry

    Landscape Maintenance for Landscaping Industry


    If you need safety training for your landscapers then this video is for you! Landscaping equipment can be dangerous when not handled properly. Trimmers, mowers, and other sharp utensils are just a part of the job, and they can cause serious injury in the hands of an untrained worker. This Landscaping Safety Video is designed…

  • Laundry Room Safety Training

    Laundry Room Safety Training


    Many hotel injuries can be traced back to the laundry room or housekeeping departments. Keep your employees safe with this Laundry Room Safety Training video. It will teach laundry workers how to properly guard equipment, remain safe while working around heat, and safe lifting techniques to prevent back injuries. It’s a great orientation training tool…

  • Pool Chemical Safety Training Video

    Pool Chemical Safety Training Video


    This pool chemical safety training video will teach your employees all about the chemicals used in pools, jacuzzis and hot tubs. From pool disinfectants, chemical sanitizers, and other bacteria and algae control products you know that these products can pose a hazard to both swimmers and employees if not used correctly. The video goes into…

  • EMPLOYEE SAFETY ORIENTATION for Hotel or Motel Employees

    Reducing Unsafe Acts for Hotel or Motel Employees


    Did you know that the majority of workplace accidents are caused by employees who act unsafely? Help prevent these unsafe acts with this Hotel Worker Reducing Unsafe Acts Training Video. This video is tailored specifically to those working in a hotel or motel setting to help workers recognize what an unsafe act is, and learn…

  • Valet Attendant Safety Training Video

    Valet Attendant Safety Training Video


    When a customer trusts you with their vehicle, your parking valets need to have the training to keep that customer vehicle safe and accident-free. This safety training video is specifically for your valet drivers and it teaches several important principles to keep your customer happy: Important customer service principles when a valet deals with customers…

  • Hotel Fire Safety Training Video

    Hotel Fire Safety Training Video


    If you are running a hotel then you know that fire safety training is extremely important. Depending on the size of the hotel you could have hundreds of people in the building at one time. From employees to guests, the dangers of a fire in the hotel is very real and very dangerous. This hotel…

  • Dishwasher Employee Safety Training

    Dishwasher Employee Safety Training


    Your dishwashing staff needs this dishwasher safety training video. The video will teach employees who work in the dishwashing area how to safely do their jobs while dealing with wet floors, hot surfaces, sharp objects and cleaning chemicals. The goal of the video is to teach your dishwashing staff (stewards) how to stay safe on…