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Traffic Control Safety Video and DVD Flagger Safety Training Video and DVD Compressed Gas Safety Training Video and DVD
Traffic accidents are responsible for road crew and other worker deaths every year. Keep your road workers safe with this Traffic Control Safety Training Video. It covers areas of safety including using cones, barrels, flagger safety, using reflective signs, and other important issues that will help keep your crew safe. This video is ideal for new workers who need to learn the ropes before their first day on the job, but it's also a helpful reminder for existing employees. This video is available as a DVD or VHS tape. The video is 15 minutes long.

New flaggers must be properly trained on their work responsibilities and safety requirements for preventing avoidable accidents. This Flagger Safety Training Video covers all areas of flagger safety in detail to get your new employees off to a good start, while also serving as an important reminder for employees who might have fallen off the safety wagon. This hard hitting video also profiles a woman flagger who was struck by a vehicle and killed on the job due to ignoring safety rules. Stories like this one happen each and every year, so don't let your workers become part of that statistic. This important video is available as a DVD or VHS tape and comes in English and Spanish language options.

Compressed gas can be hazardous on many levels, and explosions are a real threat if gas cylinders are not handled carefully. This Compressed Gas Safety Training Video is made to teach your employees the proper way of transporting, handling, storing and identifying compressed gas containers. It's a great way to train new employees on this important safety issue, as well as a reminder for existing workers who may not always follow proper safety protocol. This video comes on both DVD and VHS tape for added convenience and flexibility. At 20 minutes Iit's also short enough to be easy to digest, but still offers loads of valuable safety information on compressed gas cylinder safety protocol.

Combustible Dust Training Video and DVD Arc Flash Safety Training Video and DVD Electrical outlet that is being serviced
When handling combustible dust on the job explosions and fires are a real threat. This Combustible Dust Safety Training Video helps workers learn ways to avoid fires, such as those caused by accumulated dust, so help prevent combustible gas explosions and other issues. It is a must see training options for those new to working in such environments where combustible gases are used, as well as for those who don't always follow safety measures. It is available as a DVD and VHS tape for added convenience.

Arc hazards present a real and potentially fatal threat to employees working around electricity which is why this arc flash video program is so important. Arc flash danger has led to the development of the National Fire Protection Association, or NFPA 70E standards, which have been adopted by OSHA as the set standard for all workers who perform their jobs around energy. This Arc Flash Safety Training Video will keep your employees compliant, while also helping to prevent devastating accidents and injuries related to arc flashes. Topics covered include personal protective equipment (PPE), arc flash personal protective equipment, required signs and labeling, lockout/tagout introduction to understanding and reducing arc flash hazards, electrical safety and arc flash protection, where and when to perform Arc Flash Hazards, The 2000 NFPA 70E and the 2002 NEC state that facilities must provide, and typical Arc Flash Incident Injuries. This arc flash video is available in English or Spanish DVD versions.

If your employee regularly use or work with electricity, then this electrocution prevention training video is a necessity. The training program discusses volts, amperes, and watts and how they relate to electrical current. Further discussions around electrical conductors, insulators, and more. Fact is, work related injuries from employees being electrocuted is the 4th leading cause of death with another 3,600 non-fatal electrocution injuries annually. The importance of lockout tagout protocol and using proper electrical cords is discussed in detail. Several precautions are discussed including overhead wire safety, the importance of releasing energy, what to do in case of a downed wire, and more. If your employees have contact or work with electricity then this video will help train them to prevent being electrocuted while on the job.

Several asbestos cement pipes laying in a field electrical safety training video and DVD Fall Protection Video and DVD
This training video is meant to help those workers who deal with cement pipes that contain asbestos remain safe while working with these pipes. This training discusses the asbestos latency period, asbestosis, and the process of mesothelioma. AC pipe is a potentially dangerous product and the video discusses how to work with the pipe in a proper manner. Detailed discussions on personal protective equipment (PPE) is contained in the training along with training on how to properly cut and work with the pipe. Use of snap cutters, wet taps, dry taps and use of amended water is discussed as well. Since there are so many employees working with wastewater pipes on a daily basis, this training video provides a great education on asbestos safety and injury prevention.

Working around electricity can be dangerous, but many employees are so used to working with electrical sources that they can take it for granted and get careless when it comes to safety. This Electrical Safety Meeting Kit is designed to show workers how to work around electrical devices, electrical cords, and more with safety in mind. Viewers of this electrical safety video will learn how to work with GIFs, outlets, GFCI outlets, switches, tools, and more. It's an in depth look at electrical safety on the job but it also teaches skills they can use once they get home. This kit comes with everything needed for training, and it is designed to help workers comply with OSHA regulations. It comes with your choice of DVD and VHS Tape, 30 employee informational booklets, and 5 motivational posters to keep them on track. This is a great safety training choice for those employees who work with electricity and electrical components.

Falls from heights at the workplace are more common than you might think. In fact, they are the second leading cause of death in the US for employees injured at work, and thousands more are left injured or permanently disabled. Even worse, those who fall on the job will almost always require time away from the job. This can be costly for workers and employers alike. Keep your employees safe with this Fall Protection Video Safety Meeting Kit. This complete training solution for fall protections offers an in depth look at how falls occur, preventative measures that can prevent falling while at work, and the proper safety equipment to reduce the potential of falling while at work. Your staff will finish this DVD or VHS video with knowledge on how to prevent falls and stay safe on the job. The complete fall protection training kit also comes with 30 employee booklet with even more valuable information, and 5 motivational posters to keep everyone on track and mindful of safety protocol every single day. Choose from English and Spanish language options. If you are looking to provide your employees with fall protection training then this video package is just what you are looking for.

Hazardous Spills Training Video and DVD
Spills are bound to occur when working around chemicals and other hazardous materials even in the safest of environments. How you deal with them can have a major impact on whether they are a minor inconvenience, or a major disaster. Hazardous chemicals can lead to property damage, injuries, and even death in some cases of inhalation of poisonous fumes. Get your employees the training they need with this Dealing with Hazardous Spills Video Training Kit. The included training video will teach your workers how to handle spills, common causes of spills, and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. This video training package comes with a DVD or VHS tape, 30 employee booklets, 5 motivational posters, and other trainer materials. You can  also choose from English and Spanish language options. If you need to properly train your employees on dealing with hazardous spills then this training video is for you.