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Be honest - are your safety meeting effective?  These safety meeting packages were designed to be stand alone units for safety training meetings.  Each kit comes with an instructional DVD/VHS, posters, employee booklets, schedule and attendance log, employee quiz, and a comprehensive leaders guide!   If you want to take your next safety meeting to the next level - give one of our packages a try!!
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Winter Safety Training Video and DVD Industrial Fire Prevention Training Video and DVD
As fun and magical as the winter time can be it can also be a recipe for work related injuries. Every year thousands of employees are injured, both on the job and off, during the winter season. This Winter Safety Training Video offers an informative way to discuss this issue with your employees while offering useful tips for keeping them safe on the job. The video comes with your choice of DVD or VHS tape, and includes 30 employee booklets, and 5 motivational posters, along with additional teaching and record keeping materials. Workers will learn how to avoid slips and falls, how to dress for winter weather, how handling inclimate weather, and much more. Choose from Spanish and English language options.

Fires are not only dangerous to human health but they also cause thousands of dollars in damages in many cases. Keep your crew and your property safe through proper training on fire safety regulations using this Industrial Fire Prevention Video Training Package. This training video has all the information you need on the causes of industrial fires, types of fires, the concept of "flashpoint", fire prevention, fire extinguisher use and instruction, safety equipment, and much more. Your employees will walk away with a firm understanding of how to prevent and deal with fires on the job. This training package comes with either a DVD or VHS tape, and includes 30 employee booklets, 5 motivational posters, and leader materials. Choose from English and Spanish language options. We complete the package by including an employee quiz as well as training certificates for each attendee.