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Are your employee just plain tired of safety training? The funny safety videos in this category will both make your employee laugh and teach them how to be safe on the job site. These videos are best sellers and are a big hit with employees who have grown tired of the same old boring safety message.
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Funny Forklift Video and DVD
FORKING AROUND (Funny Forklift Safety Training)

If you need a funny forklift safety training video then this is for you! Sometimes humor is the best approach to getting your point across. Everybody likes a good laugh, so why not use it to your advantage? This Forking Around Funny Forklift Video shows employees pictures of forklifts in action, with something being wrong in each one for your workers to pick out. The video also goes into detail about what the errors are in each scenario, so trainees get a real handle on safety while using these potentially hazardous machines. At ten minutes in length, it's also easy to digest, but is still packed with useful information, presented in a funny and pleasurable to watch way. This video comes in both DVD and VHS format for added convenience.

Eye Safety Training Video and DVD

Protecting your eyes on the job is important for the health and safety of your workers. This Eye Protection Safety Video presents information on proper eye protection in a funny way so employees will enjoy watching it. By using humor, it ensures that employees pay close attention, since it's enjoyable to watch and easy to digest. So, they get the message and can take it to heart when using eye protection equipment on the job. It's a great and unique way to train new employees, or you can use to refresh existing ones on the ins and outs of eye safety. This video comes in both DVD and VHS formats.

Funny Safety Video and DVD
THE DARK AGES OF SAFETY (Funny Safety Video)

Looking for something different to show to your safety trainees? Your employees will love this funny safety video. Do you ever feel like your organization is living in the dark ages? Have a look and see! This funny safety training video will give your employees a sneak peak at safety protocol from the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's. It's a humorous look at past safety requirements and procedures, while still educating employees on the right, and wrong, ways of doing things today. Workers will love watching it because it's entertaining while still being informative. You'll find it's a great way of training new workers, but it is also an ideal way of refreshing current personnel on proper safety proceedings to prevent injuries on the job. This video conveniently comes in both DVD and VHS formats.

Funny safety video
WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Volume 1 (Funny Safety Video)

Do you need a safety training video that won't put your employees to sleep? Do your employees recognize unsafe acts when they see them? This humorous video, What's Wrong With This Picture takes workers through various scenes to allow them to identify unsafe acts. Then it revisits each scenario with added narration to point out what the hazardous actions were, and why they are unsafe. It's a funny way to train new recruits on proper safety protocol to help them avoid injuries and accidents on the job. It's also great to use as a refresher for existing personnel. This is part one of a two part video series which use humor to present useful material to employees. It is available in both DVD and VHS formats for added convenience.

Book Em Danno Video and DVD
BOOK EM DANNO (Funny Safety Video)

Keep your workers safe on the job with this Funny Safety Video "Book Em Danno." This training video is a fun take on the classic 1940's character, where he walks around a workplace and finds various unsafe acts. This helps illustrate what unsafe acts are, and how they can be prevented in your workplace. It's a humorous take on a serious issue, presented in a fun to watch and non offensive manner. Use this video to train new employees on the importance of avoiding unsafe acts, or as a refresher for new recruits who need a little reminder from time to time. This video comes in both DVD and VHS formats for added convenience.

funny hand safety video
Funny Hand Safety Video "Focus on Your Fingers - A Unique New Look at Hand Safety"

Stress the need for hand safety in a fun and unique way with this funny hand safety video. It features "Dr. Feel" and "Pamela Handerson," who take workers through basic safety procedures and protocol for keeping the hands safe at work. Our Funny Hand Safety Video uses a humorous approach while still covering all the bases of necessary information for avoiding injuries on the job. It has all the info you need to train new employees to get them off to a good start, or you can use it as a fun to watch refresher for existing personnel. This video comes in both DVD and VHS formats for added convenience, as well.

funny ladder safety training video and DVD
"Ladders of Doom" - Funny Ladder Safety Training Video

Sometimes it takes a little humor to get an employee's attention. Our video "Ladders of Doom" will keep your employees entertained while they are getting trained! This Funny Ladder Safety Training Video offers a lighthearted look at staying safe while using ladders on the job, while still offering valuable information on preventing falls and other preventable injuries. It offers an in depth look at proper positioning of ladders, various types of ladders, and other important safety considerations. For added convenience, this video is available as a DVD and VHS tape. The full video is 15 minutes long.

Funny Back Safety Training Video and DVD
"Back to the Suture" - Funny Back Safety Training Video

Back injuries are no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean your safety training video can't be. This Funny Back Safety Training Video which we call "Back To The Suture" offers employees a lighthearted look at back safety on the job. It offers an inside look at topics including how the back works, proper lifting techniques, and avoiding injury... all with a funny spin that won't put them to sleep. This new take on safety training is ideal for new workers and existing employees alike. It's also available on DVD and VHS tape for greater flexibility and convenience. One of our best sellers for good reason!

funny office training video
"Night Of The Living Office" - Funny Office Safety Training Video

It's the Night of the Living Office! This Funny Office Safety Video offers your workers a lighthearted spin on boring safety videos. Narrated scenes depict zombies to help keep your workers alert and entertained as the video delves into common office safety measures. Most employees think that office environments are without risks, but injuries still occur every year. This video covers aspects of safety including proper lifting, air quality and ventilation, repetitive motion injuries, and much more. It's a fun look at office safety and won't turn your personnel into zombies as they watch it. This video is available as a DVD and VHS tape.

Funny Safety Orientation Training Video
Funny Safety Orientation Video "Safety Orientation - With Bacon!!!"

Looking for a different kind of safety orientation video? Join Kevin Bacon and Tofu Grace as they take your employees on a lighthearted journey into common safety hazards that can take their attention away from their jobs. Topics include the dangers of texting on the job, alcohol and drug use, and much more. General safety topics are also discussed, so workers can help prevent accidents and take more responsibly for their actions to keep your workplace as safe as possible for everyone. This funny video is designed to offer a humorous alternative to typical boring safety training resources. Available as both a DVD and VHS tape. This funny safety orientation video is 16 minutes long.

Funny Driving Safety Video and DVD
Funny Driving Safety Video

Looking for a safety training video on driver safety? Looking for something that won't put your employees and trainees to sleep while they watch it? If so this funny driver safety training video is for you!! Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the country, so driving safely is of the utmost importance. But getting employees to sit through a boring safety video without their minds wandering can be a chore. This Funny Driving Safety Training Video offers a lighthearted alternative to typical videos, which lets face it, can be pretty dry. This video covers all aspects of driving safely on the job and off, all with a humorous spin. It is also available on DVD and VHS tape for added convenience.

Funny Training Video For Slips, Trips & Falls
Funny Slips, Trips and Falls Training Video

Slips and trips are not funny when you experience them, but they can be humorous to watch! This Funny Slips, Trips and Falls Training Video is designed to give workers a fun alternative to most boring safety videos, while still offering the same quality information. This video gives tips on avoiding slips and falls and focuses on preventing and avoiding hazards while taking responsibility for personal safety. This video is easy to watch and full of useful information and is available on DVD and VHS tape. The video is 15 minutes long.

Heat Stress Training Video and DVD
HEAT STRESS - Funny Version

If you are looking for a funny video that will educate your employees on the OSHA protocols for heat stress then this training video is for you! Heat stress is no laughing matter, but that doesn't mean learning correct safety protocol for working in the heat can't be! This Funny Heat Stress Safety Video offers a humorous look at preventing heat stress, while still offering useful information on how heat stress occurs, warning signs, avoidance, and being productive even when hot weather strikes. Topics include staying hydrated, preventing heat stroke, and much more. It's a must have resource for the training of new employees, while also providing a great refresher course for existing workers. Your personnel will love watching this fun and unique take on this important issue. Even better, it comes in both DVD and VHS formats for added convenience.